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Prince Gongs Mansion

Prince Gong’s Mansion was the largest prince’s palace in the Qing Dynasty. It used to be the private house of Heshen and Yonglin, and in 1851 Prince Gong became the owner, from whom it got its present name. Prince Gong’s Mansion witnessed the history of the Qing Dynasty from the dynasty’s peak to its decline; the residence holds rich historical and cultural information. There’s a saying – one Prince Gong Mansion, half a history of Qing Dynasty.
The building layout is structured, the crafts are sophisticated and the pavilions are staggered. The rich splendor fully reflects the style of the royal and folk customs. The mansion consists of the house and garden. The length from north to south is 330m, from east to west is 180m. It covers an area of 61,120 square meters. The mansion covers 32,260 square meters while the garden covers 28,860 square meters.
The main attraction is the garden. Echoing the mansion, the garden also has three parts east, middle, and west. Yinan Palace is the main building in the mansion. As the main hall, it only opens for big events and festivals being a ritual symbol. Many years ago a fire destroyed a large part of the main hall and Yinan Palace was rebuilt. Jiale Court was built during Heshen’s occupancy. There is a plaque hanging here that some say was given by the Qianlong Emperor, but there’s no signature or seal. However, Heshen wrote a Jiale Court anthology, so there may be an explanation in there.

Opening times
Low season: Mar 16th – Nov 15th 7:30 – 16:30
Peak season: Nov 16th – Mar 15th 8:00 – 16:00

Ticket prices
RMB70 (Includes entrance fee, professional guide, visit to the mansion opera house, watching the opera, and enjoying tea and snacks.)
If just visiting the mansion, the ticket price is RMB 40. For students: RMB 20.
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