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Shows in Yiren Anceint Town

If you want to experience Yi people’s culture in one place, Yiren Ancient Town(彝人古镇) will be a choice destination. Yiren Ancient Town sits in a place where Chuxiong, Kunming, Dali and Panzhihua meet. Unlike Tongli orZhouzhuang with enduring elegance and timeless beauty, the newly-built Yiren Ancient Town is more like an unwalled museum of Yi people, where you can relax and drink in their culture, architecture, custom and festivals.
yiren ancient town
 The quaint architecture complex in Yiren Ancient Town Folk is a combination of folk residences of various ethnicities and dynasties.

The designer of Yiren Ancient Town did a painstaking job. In this town, you can see typical folk residences hailing from all over China, with time spanning Tang to Qing dynasties. This eclectic combination bestows it with diversity, refined taste and appealing appearance you cannot find elsewhere. Under its classic “quaint” shell, the ancient culture of Yi people thrives. Positioned as a key trade center and economy powerhouse of Yunnan and even Southeast Asia, this town enjoys a promising future.
yiren ancient town
 Yiren Ancient Town is located in Chuxiong, which boasts over half of the Yi population and its 13 branches.

Yiren Ancient Town is fashioned after a chessboard. It has eight districts, with each consisting of several Siheyuan(Chinese quadrangles) compounds. This echoes the inherent and defining traits of Chinese: understatement and self-examination. The layout of Siheyuan also reflects filial piety and union advocated by Confucianism. It has warmth and soul those modern skyscrapers lack.
yiren anceint town
The designer also did not forget to channel two main streams into Yiren Ancient Town. Because of water, this resort radiates with laidback atmosphere and poetic spirit. Thanks to the countless tributaries deriving from these two arteries, the majority of people can access water at their thresholds. In a city where water is a luxury, it is a privilege.
yiren anceint town
With crisscrossing canals, grey-tiled roofs, white-washed walls, fragrant gardens and twisting alleyways, Yiren Ancient Town will remind you of the Old Town of Lijiang, yet it is more serene. During Torch Festival or Yi New Year Festival, Yiren Ancient Town will be packed with various ethnicities and happy travelers. Yi people’s Fire Sacrifice Ceremony, Torch Festival dance, Taicai Dance and Left Foot Dance will broaden your vision and gift you with lifetime memory.
yiren anceint town
yiren anceint town
yiren anceint town

Yi Culture Theme Park


Its zigzagging laneways are honeycombed with numerous workshops, which function as the living museums of Yi history, architecture, crafts, food, folk arts and daily life. Take your time to savor them in a slow-paced way, so you can digest the essence part of Yi people and gain insight into it.
yiren ancient town
Yi Culture Theme Park is a place to experience authentic Yi life and culture. You can sip a cup of tea or coffee to spend an idle afternoon, or observe how tofu is made and how rice wine is brewed. An ocean of handicrafts here will keep you occupied also. Yi people’s needlework, in particular, will conquer you with its unmatched original designs and harmonious color scheme. Hidden among these shops are Yi medicine clinics, which promise enlightening and rewarding experience if you want to put faith into them.

What is fun:


Take rickshaws, carriages or tourism mini-trains to travel around this town

There are over 60 restaurants here, which offer a wide spectrum of choices, from Yi cuisine to western food; hence you can enjoy different food to your heart’s content

Watch the shows:

Fire Worship Ceremony(彝族祭火大典)

Place: Bimo Cultural Square of Yiren Ancient Town (彝人古镇毕摩文化广场)
fire worship ceremony yiren ancient town
fire worship ceremony yiren ancient town
fire worship ceremony yiren ancient town

Love Song of Yi Village(彝乡恋歌)
Price  120RMB 160RMB 200RMB
Time: 18:30---20:00
Place  Yiren Tribe Area of Yiren Ancient Town(彝人古镇彝人部落景区)

Join in Torch Festival or Yi New Year Festival
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