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Shanxi Hengshan Mountain (Beiyue Hengshan)

Hengshan Mountain, Datong tourHengshan Mountain in Shanxi province, traditionally called Beiyue or North Sacred Mountain, is one of Chinese Five Sacred Mountains, and the other four are respectively Taishan Mountain famous as East Sacred Mountain, Huashan Mountain famous as West Sacred Mountain, Hengshan Mountain in Hunan province famous as South Sacred Mountain as well as Songshan Mountain famous as Middle Sacred Mountain. It is also worldwide famous. In 1982, in the name of Shanxi Hengshan Mountain Scenic Area, Shanxi Hengshan Mountain was ranked the first batch of national-level places of interest. It is just 62 kilometers away from Datong.

History of Hengshan Mountain

Hengshan Mountain has a long history as the place of Taoism. It is said that Zhang Guolao who was one of Eight Taoist Immortals in Chinese fairy tales once cultivated here. The main peak of Hengshan Mountain has the altitude of 2016.1 meters; it is ranked second among Chinese Five Sacred Mountains Hengshan Mountain is famous for Taoism. In Taoist record, Taoism has 36 small cave-heavens, and Hengshan Mountain is the fifth. Mao Ying, who was the founder of Maoshan Branch of Taoism, also cultivated here.

Anciently, there were 18 famous scenic spots, and currently there are Zhaodian Hall, HuiXian Bridge, Jiutian Palace and so on. It attracts a lot of travelers via its steepness and uniqueness. Roughly 4000 years ago, Emperor Shun who was one of the oldest forefathers of China visited Hengshan Mountain and selected it as the North Sacred Mountain due to its steepness. During the reign of Emperor Shihuang of Qin Dynasty, He promoted Hengshan Mountain as the second famous mountain in 12 famous mountains. Historically, Emperor Qinshihuang, Emperor Hanwudi, Emperor Tangtaizong, Emperor Songtaizong and other emperors all visited Hengshan Mountain and sacrificed to Heaven. Hengshan Mountain unavoidably became the humanistic mountain. A lot of famous men such as Li Po, Jia Dao, Yuan Haowen and Xu Xiake once visited Hengshan Mountain and left a lot of classic masterpieces.

In early period of West Han Dynasty, some temples were built on Hengshan Mountain. Since Han Dynasty, a lot of people in different dynasties built the temples or buildings on Mountain, and currently the buildings on Hengshan Mountain have become a big ancient architectural complex. People generally summarize as Three Temples, Four Memorials, Nine Pavilions, Seven Palaces, Eight Caves and 12 Halls. Unfortunately, many of buildings have collapsed. Also Hengshan Mountain has 18 famous attractions which can be available in book of Travel Note of Xu Xiake, who was a famous travel expert.

Hengshan Tourist Attractions

The whole scenic area has four protection zones and one natural reserve. Different place has its attractions. There are lots of cultural relics in Hengshan Mountain suchas Xuankong Temple (the first miraculous cultural attraction in Hengshan Mountain), Wooden Pagoda of Ying County, Yongan Temple and Brick-Made Pagoda. In Chinese ancient architectural history, it has a high level. In Liao and Jin Dynasties, Hengshan Mountain is famous for its education and humanity. A lot of traditional academies and cliff inscriptions are available there.

One of the famous attractions is Beiyue Temple, which was established in Ming Dynasty. It is the most magnificent temple in Hengshan Mountain. In temple, visitors can see the statue of Beiyue Dadi who was the god mastering this mountain.

Hengshan Mountain belongs to the half-aridity continental climate in temperate zone, and has four distinctive seasons. The winter is cold and spring is dry and windy. The rainfall is dense in summer. Besides, the temperature difference at daytime and nighttime is obvious. The average temperature all the year around is 6.1 degree Celsius. It is the coldest in January and the average temperature is minus 12 degree Celsius. It is the hottest in July and the average temperature is 21.6 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature all the year is 35.9 degree Celsius and minimum temperature is minus 37.3 degree Celsius.
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