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Hanging Temple (Xuankong Temple)


Xuankong Temple, Datong, ChinaHanging Temple also called Xuankong Temple is the only domestic temple featured by Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It was built on cliffs. Originally it was built in later period of North Wei Dynasty. So far, it has more than 1400 years of history. It is also named as Hangjing Temple just like the temple in the sky because it is located on the steep cliff and faces the deep valleys. It has the unique structure and decorations. In total, there are 40 halls and pavilions in Hanging Temple(Xuankong Temple), which are connected with the corridors. In temple, there are more than 80 iron Buddha statues, copper Buddha statues, stone Buddha statues and clay Buddha statues. On the stone as the base of the temple, there are Chinese characters”壮观” ,which means grandness, inscribed by Li Po, who was Chinese greatest poet in Tang Dynasty. 

Hanging Temple (Xuankong Temple) located in Hunyuan County of Shanxi province has 65 kilometers away from Datong. It is the important cultural relic under national-level protection. In different dynasties, Hanging Temple (Xuankong Temple) was restored or rebuilt. It was built in accordance with the Taoist theory that Taoists never live in a noisy environment, and never hear the noise of chicken and dogs. The altitude of the Hanging Temple(Xuankong Temple) is 50 meters. Hanging Temple (Xuankong Temple) exhibits Chinese traditional architectural styles and features, and generally can be summarized into Strangeness, Hanging and Skillfulness. 

Hanging Temple(Xuankong Temple) is comprised of the Sanjiao Hall Wujiao Hall, Chunyang Palace,Sanguan Hall, Leiyin Hall, Shijia Hall, Qianshouguanyin Hall, Jialan Hall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Songziguanyin Hall, Dizangwangpusa Hall, Lord Guan Temple, Taiyi Hall, Sanfo Hall and other rooms for different uses.


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