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Yinshui Dong Village


Yinshui Dong Village is a piece of haven for those backpackers and who is ready to experience ethnic folk culture and take some amazing photos in some off the beaten path scenic sites. Though outshone by Liping Dong Village, the largest one in China, Yinshui Dong Village has something unique.




 Yinshui Dong Village

 Red Yao women in Longsheng Rice Terraces is famous for their Red Clothes Festival and long hairs

 Dong people are born singers and dancers

 Entry of Yinshui Dong Village

Situated 1.5km for downtown Longsheng County, Yinshui Dong Village boasts captivating scenery, serene Dong villages, stunning wind-rain bridges, magnificent drum towers, shimmering reservoirs, splashing waterfalls, enchanting festivals and delicious Dong cuisine. More importantly, it offers good accessibility to Longsheng Rice Terraces, which serves as a source of inspiration for photographers, poets and painters.





 Dong girls practice singing

 Interesting customs of Dong people


 Lusheng Flute Dance

 Travellers from worldwide

Borrowing its name from the waterfall which drapes like a silver curtain, Yinshui Dong Village is a place where you will get lost among the ocean of greenness and be carried away by the heavenly voices: the intoxicating Kam Grand Choirs of Dong people, who are born talented singers and dancers. Loaded with memory of over one millennium, the name of this village is history. As early as Tang and Song dynasties (618-1279), the ancestors of Dong people have settled down here. After several generations’ development, clusters of villages surfaced one by one and flourished. Yinshui Dong village has experienced ups and downs during the long history. In 1737, Wu Jinyin, the 82th leader of Dong people staged an uprising against the Qing government’s reign, which was applauded and joined by Zhuang, Miao and Yao people. In no time, they gathered a formidable army and headed for Guilin, the capital city of Guangxi province. Threatened and frightened, Emperor Qianlong soon dispatched an overwhelming army to eliminate them. This event marks as the turning point of both Dong people and their thriving happy land. Dong people was forced to leave their villages behind and it was not until 1993 did they return again.





 Dong women

 Bamboo Stick Dance


 Dong people and their Drum Tower

 Lusheng Flute Dance of Dong people


Backed against the green mountains and enveloped by thick forest, Yinshui Dong Village has undergone much-needed facelift and sparkles again. Nowadays, it serves as an ideal landscape therapy site, where you can meditate, hike, explore the landscape and architecture or demystify Dong people’s art embodied by Kam Grand Choirs, a world-class intangible cultural heritage ratified by UNESCO in 2009 as well as its abundant festivals relating to harvest, singing, labor, remembrance and love. As for those food-obsessed friends, you will find Yinshui Dong Village a very appealing place thanks to its rice wine, sour fish and smoked pork.



Travel Tips

Location:Lehuang Xiaoshanxia, 1.5 km from Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi, China(龙胜县城西1.5公里的勒黄小三峡之中)

Best Travel Time: April to October

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  Kam Grand Choirs


 Liping Dong Village: the largest in China





 Dong people gather within Drum Tower, singing the  Kam Grand Choirs


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