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Guilin Top 11 Hiking Trails


Guilin Trekking Trail No.1: Yangshuo County

Route: Yangshuo(Bus)→Yulong Bridge(Trekking)遇龙桥→JiuXian Village旧县→Darongshu Scenic Area大榕树(Bus)→Return to Guilin or Yangshuo

Highlight: enjoy the surreal natural scenery, sample ethnic lifestyle

Jiuxian Village: The millennium-old Jiuxian Village is a time frozen and languid retreat along the Yulong River in Yangshuo. It boats time-worn ancient city walls, civic residences and countless historic relics. Expect to see walls from the Tang Dynasty. In addition, those Ming and Qing-era building compounds dot the idyllic surroundings, offer eye-opening insight into the past.

Slow down to take in the sights, sounds and sensations.
yangshuo hiking

Darongshu Scenic Area: or Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area: It is a landmark in Yangshuo. Expect to see a 1,400-year-old banyan tree. It dwarfs its peers at a height of 17m and boasts a diameter of 7.05m. Its canopy spans over 100 square meters. This huge “umbrella” witnessed the romantic encounter of Liu Sanjie and her lover Aniu, and their beautiful love story endures as one of the most beautiful across China.
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Get in: From Yangshuo to Yulong Bridge: take a taxi from Yangshuo Bus Station. You will arrive in 20 minutes.
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Guilin Trekking Trail No.2: Yanshan District雁山区

Route: Snake King Family Lee’s Mansion蛇王李庄园(大埠路口)——Yuzi Paradise愚自乐园——Family Tang’s Mansion唐氏庄园——WudanyijiaAncient Village Groups五旦一家(古寨门古村落)——Caoping and Guanyan Scenic Area草坪、冠岩


Snake King Family Lee’s Mansion: Located in Liangyong Road, Yanshan District, Guilin, this mansion boasts a fantastic array of poisonous snakes. You can see the biggest, smallest and most fatal snake on earth. It also spots rare species such as two-headed snakes. In addition, it introduces a wide selection of snake antidotes.
guilin hiking yanshan district

Yuzi Paradise: It houses over 200 eye-popping sculptures, which blend in their idyllic surroundings perfectly.

Family Tang’s Mansion: Built in 1870, it is the biggest and best-preserved private mansion across Guangxi. A cobblestone path winds its way along rolling rice paddies, jade-like streams, bamboo grooves before leading you to this time-honored gem.
guilin hiking yanshan district

Guanyang Scenic Area:
This 12km-long cave harbors a sea of stalactites and stalagmites. Once in, there are 5 options to explore it: hiking, cable car, sightseeing elevator, light trail and canoeing. 90min are needed. (Add: 28km from downtown Guilin. Fee: RMB80 Open: 8:30 to 16:30 Best Travel Season: Apr to Oct)

Estimated Time:
4 to 5 hours
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Guilin Trekking Trail No.3: Longsheng County

Route: Guilin(take a bus)→Huangluo Yao Village黄洛瑶寨(Long Hair Red Yao Ethnic Group + Suspension Bridge(bus)→hiking to Dazhai Village大寨→Jinkeng Yao Village金坑全景楼(stay in the night and watch ethnic performances)
longsheng rice terraces hiking

Highlight: enjoy the primitive and exotic lifestyle of Yao, Zhuang and Dong minorities, marvel at the rice terraces and soak in the scenery at your own pace

Best Time to hike
: April to June, August to November
gulin top hiking trails longsheng rice terraces
longsheng hiking trails guilin

Guilin Trekking Trail No.4: Gongcheng County

Route: Gongcheng County恭城县——Tongle Shoal同乐洲——Guchengcun Village古城村——She Mountain Village社山——Aishancun Village (Aishan Village矮山)——Hongyan Tourist Zone红岩——Huangling RidgeVillage黄岭——Return to Gongcheng County


Sheshan Village: It is 112km from downtown Guilin and 4km from Gongcheng County. This village nestles at the foot of mountains and borders a river. It is surrounded by rice paddies, orchards and bamboo groves. You can enjoy a meal in a farmer-runned restaurant, pick fruits and relax on a bamboo raft.

Aishan Village: Aishan Village was one of the 9 markets in Yangshuo. As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, it was inhabited by human beings. The post-card perfect surrounding is interspersed by ancient bridges, wells, roads and trees. Ambling through this village, you will feel like have flung back 1,000 years in time.
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Guilin Trekking Trail No.5 Quanzhou County全州县

Route: Quanzhou County全州县城——Xiangshan Temple湘山寺——Sanjiangkou三江口——Leigong Pagoda雷公塔


Quanzhou County is famous for Xiangshan Temple, a reservoir, hot spring and man-made sights.

Xiangshan Temple: Constructed in 756, Xiangshan Temple sparkles as the oldest temple in Guangxi province. It has received honorable titles from 5 emperors during the feudal society. Shi Tao, a famous Qing-dynasty painter, once lived a secluded life here for 21 years. Though the sprawling complex is reduced to around one third of its former size, it still showcases some wonderful relics. Xiangshan Temple is alive with activities during top three religious festivals. Do not miss the Miaoming Stupa, the oldest one of its kind in Guangxi. This 26m-high pagoda has a diameter of 6 to 8 meters. It is octagonal outside and hexagonal inside. A staircase winds its way up to the top. Inside over 20 stele inscriptions from various dynasties allure art aficionados.
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Sanjiangkou: Located 120km from downtown Guilin and 2km from Guihuang Highway, Sanjiangkou is the converging point of three rivers. Row a boat, fishing or swim.

Leigong Pagoda: Built in 2000, this pagoda is a vivid imitation of those Song-era pagodas. This 36.9m-high 7-storey ornate pagoda features stunning relief sculptures and a bronze dome.
guilin top hiking trails in quanzhou county

Guilin Trekking Trail No 6: Lingchuan County灵川县潮田河

Route: Daxu Ancient Town大圩古镇——Chaotian River潮田河——Sianjiang Reservoir思安江水库


Daxu Ancient Town: It is one of the top 4 ancient towns in Guangxi. An eclectic mix of tastes, sights and sounds await you.
guilin top hiking trails

Chaotian River: It is the second biggest tributary of Li River. It passes sleepy fishing villages and dreamy Karst pinnacles.

Sianjiang Reservoir: 45km from downtown Guilin, Sianjiang Reservoir feeds Li River during winter and diverts deluge during summer. The water is crystal-clear. This shimmering reservoir can purify your heart and soul.
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Guilin Trekking Trail No 7: Yongfu County永福县

Route: Yongfu County永福县城——Yindong Village of Yongfu Town永福镇银洞村——Dengyun Mountain登云山——Yindong Village of Yongfu Town永福镇银洞村-Yongfu Town永福县城

Highlight: Yongfu Village is famed as the land of longevity.
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Guilin Trekking Trail No 8 Pingle County

Route: Pingle County平乐县城——Hubao Power Station(Hiking, cycling and cruising)虎豹电站——Mishan Ferry Village密山渡——Shangmuyan上木岩(塘汛式站点)——Longquanyan Power Station龙泉岩电站(馒头塘站点)——Wei Zi Village围梓村(杨梅塘站点)——Shazi Old Street沙子老街——Shi Li Ping十里坪——Bao He保和——One-Side Ferry半边渡——Shuinan Village水南村


Pingle County: Over 12 ethnic groups call Pingle County home. Key specialties include grape, chest nut, mushroom and oranges.

One-side Ferry: It is one of the most beautiful part of Li River
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Guilin Trekking Trail No 9 Xingan County兴安县

Route: Xingan County兴安县——Shangguixia Reservoir of Gaoshagn Town高尚镇上桂峡水库——Liang Shu Jiao凉树脚——Xie Liang Ping歇凉坪——Dong Ao Ling东凹岭——Gaoxu Village高圩村——Gaoqiao Village(it is a gorge formed during the ice age)高桥村——the biggest natural bridge in Asia——Shui Yuan Tour水源头(Qin Family’s Courtyard秦家大院)——stop by the Source of Xiangjiang River湘江源(白石乡石柱村)——Return

Highlight: enjoy the postcard-perfect scenery along Shanggui Gorge Reservoir, sample local customs in Baishi Township, traverse Jingko forest, explore the gorge formed during the ice age, squint at the biggest natural-formed bridge in Asia, go back to time in the Qin Family Courtyard
Length: 12km

guilin hiking trails xingan county


Guilin Trekking Trail No. 10 Guilin Downtown


Route: Big Waterfall Grand Restaurant大瀑布饭店→Elephant Truck Hill象鼻山→Sun and Moon Twin Pagoda日月双塔—→Yangqiao(Sun Bridge阳桥→Guilin Municipal Goverment市政府→Ancient South Gate古南门→Yingbin Bridge(Guest-greeting Bridge)迎宾桥→Baoxian Bridge宝贤桥→Fengbei Road凤北路—→Jingjiang Prince City(bus)靖江王城→The Mausoleums of Jingjiang Princes(cable car)靖江王陵→Yaoshan Mountain(return to Guilin by bus)尧山—back to Guilin by bus

Highlight: the perfect blend of history and modernity, natural and man-made beauty; see the ancient canals, countless cultural relics and edgy contemporary buildings
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Guilin Trekking Trail No.11. Ziyuan County

Route: Ziyuan County资源县城——Shixitou Village, Ziyuan Town(bus)资源镇石溪头村——Caishijie菜石界(this village has ancient trench and batteries)——Sishantian四山田——Diantou垫头——Beimenao, Chetian Township车田乡北门凹——Return to Ziyuan County
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