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Huqingyutang----Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum

Huqingyutang (胡庆余堂)Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum is situated on N0.95,Dajing Lane(大井巷) at the foot of Wu Hill, near the gorgeous West Lake. It was renowned as the medicine king in the south of China for developing Chinese Herbal medicine which are basing on the pharmacopeia of Song imperial family and choosing proved recipes of all the dynasties in Chinese history. Until now, it is still a trustworthy brand for Traditional Chinese  Medicine, and also is a hot place among Hangzhou attractions.
The well-preserved Huqingyutang was founded by a famous Qing Dynasty official businessman---- Hu Xueyan, aiming at helping people. Starting from 1874, and for four years’ construction, an elegant and magnificent court –style pharmacy was finally completed in the fourth year of Guangxu. The name came from I Ching: 积善之家,必有余庆jī shàn zhī jiā,bì yǒu yú qìng (means Virtue and happiness are mother and daughter). However, because 余庆was used by a traitor minister Qin Gui who had trapped Yue Fei(a loyal and honest general in South Song Dynasty), Hu Xueyan decided to change the name into 余庆。

Although we have numerous big or small Traditional Chinese Medicine pharmacy in China, the most famous one goes to Tongrentang(同仁堂) in Beijing, Chenliji(陈李济) in Guangdong and Huqingyutang in Hangzhou. Compared with the former two, Huqingyutang still keeps the old buildings which give out the mystery and essence of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tourists are learning how to recognize Chinese Herbal Medicine

A young Chinese doctor is dispensing Chinese Herbal Medicine

The exclusive national Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum----Huqingyutang includes 5 sections: an exhibition house majors in introducing some famous Chinese doctors, the origin and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the exchange activities with other countries; a workshop where you can see the whole process of Chinese Herbal Medicine preparing; a health-care clinic in which the famous Chinese doctors will provide visitors a health care service,such as Chinese Herbal Medication; a restaurant with medicated food where you can taste delicous Chinese food cooked with Chinese Herbal Medicine;and a sales department where you can get high quality Chinese Herbal Medicine.

pork cooked with Chinese caterpillar fungus

 China Ginseng Wine

a comminuter for Chinese Herbal Medicine

Anyone who comes here for a visit can find a lot of fun, such as, to prepare Chinese Herbal Medicine with hand tools and to learn the secrets of being healthy, etc.

In order to inherit the useful Traditional Chinese Medicine, many students are sent to Huqingyutang to learn the treasure of Chinese Herbal Medicine.


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