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Harbin Central Avenue(Zhong Yang Street)

Initially established in 1898, Harbin Central Avenue(Zhong Yang Street, 中央大街) in Heilongjiang Province has been the most prosperous commercial hub in Harbin for over one hundred years. Central Avenue was originally named China Avenue located in downtown of Harbin, which is the provincial capital of Heilongjiang Province.

Harbin Central Avenue, Zhong Yang Street, Heilongjiang, China

Currently Harbin Central Avenue boasts the First Avenue of Harbin and sufficiently embodies the rich feature of “Small Paris”. Built in 1898, the Central Avenue is dubbed as "a gallery of European architectural art." 

The street, lined with a large number of western architectures, is a must-see attraction in Harbin. People who have never visited Moscow, Paris or Rome can gain a feeling and appreciation for the architecture of those cities by visiting the Central Avenue in Harbin. 

In north China, Harbin Central Avenue is as quite famous as The Bund of Shanghai. Strongly featured by the western architecture, Harbin Central Avenue perhaps in north China is the most typical tourist destination to understand the development history of North China.

Zhong Yang Street is 1,450 meters long and 21.34 meters wide(the width of quadrels road is 10.8 meters). All the blocks of Zhong Yang pedestrian street cover 94.05 hectares(about one square kilometer), east from Friendship Road(友谊路) to the construction red line of the west side of Jing Wei Street(经纬街), west from Friendship Road of Tong jiang Street(通江街友谊路) to the construction red line of the east side of Jing Wei Street,south from ShangZhi Street(尚志大街)to the construction red line of the north side of Tong Jiang Street,north from ShangZhi Street to the construction red line of the south side of Tong Jiang Street and the plaza of the Flood Control Monument Square(防洪纪念塔广场).

There are in total 71 western-style architecture on both sides of the avenue. All of them are vividly featured with the diversity of western classical artistic forms of architecture. Nearly 300 years of western architectural history can be thoroughly exhibited on this special avenue. It is the largest and longest pedestrian street in Asia and the better place in Harbin for leisure, amusement, shopping and tour.

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