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Dazhao Temple

Dazhao Temple is located at Dazhao Qianjie Street(大召前街) in Yuquan District(玉泉区) of Hohhot of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region was constructed in 1579 by a tribal leader of Mongolia in Ming Dynasty. The central government at the time named it Hong Ci Temple(弘慈寺), and in Qing Dynasty it was changed to be Wu Liang Temple(无量寺). In Temple, a Silver-Made Buddha with 2.5 meters high was worshipped. So it is also called Yin Fo Temple(银佛寺). 
dazhao temple,dazhaosi, Hohhot, China

In history, Dazhao Temple is quite famous. In 1627, under the reign of Emperor Xizong of Ming Dynasty, the whole city broke down except this temple because the rebel did not dare to affront this temple. It just shows its wide influence in Mongolia. In Qing Dynasty, the town suffered from the same experience, but the temple was not burnt at all. Subsequently, Emperor of Qing Dynasty ordered the local leader to reconstruct the Dazhao Temple and named it Wuliang Temple. Actually, the local people call it Dazhao Temple; many Han people call it Wuliang Temple for the historical record. 
dazhao temple,dazhaosi, Hohhot, China

Multiple antiques and historical heritage well preserved. The most important ones are Silver-Made Buddha Statue(银佛), Dragon-Like Carve(龙雕) and Fresco(壁画). In Qing Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Dazhao Temple was resurfaced. The roof of the architecture was changed into Glazed Tile, which used to be exclusively used for Forbidden City. Since then, Dazhao Temple was improved to be the Imperial Temple. Dazhao Temple is the oldest lama temple in old Mongolia since Ming and Qing Dynasties. 
dazhao temple,dazhaosi, Hohhot, China

The architecture of Dazhao Temple consists of Main Gate, Passage Hall, Sutra Hall, Jiujian Tower and Buddha Hall. Sutra Hall and Buddha Hall were closely connected together and named Grand Hall. There are frescoes and statues in halls. The Silver-Made Buddha experienced history of 400 years today is still preserved well.

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