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Hohhot Gegentala Grassland

Living up to its fame as “Summer Resort” in Mongolian language, Gegentatla Grassland combines spectacular grassland scenery and distinctive Mongolian pastimes, rituals and festivals. Annual grand events including Temple Fair, Aobao Worship Ceremony and Naadam Festival will lend this sanctuary with color, passion, charm and an air of mystique. (on July 13, 2013, you can enjoy Naadam Festival here)


inner mongolia gegentala grassland

Encompassing an area of 133,333,333m2, it is not only the largest grassland resort in Inner Mongolia, but also the nearest one to Hohhot, its capital. Since its opening in 1979, a steady stream of 240,000 curious souls ready to plunge into its nomadic lifestyle and exotic splendor keeps pouring in each year. As we know, the ecosystem of grassland is fragile. To guard their homeland, the Mongolian people have embraced the principle of “man and nature live in harmony” during the past millennia. Through this principle ranging from Hada Presenting Ceremony to daily protection of rivers and lakes, the sustainability of this grassland is guaranteed. Today, this grassland is renowned for its well-preserved natural environment. But what differentiates Gegentala Grassland from the rest and makes it extraordinary is its intact original flavor. From landscape to rituals, from yurts, music to cuisine, everything you see, eat, live, feel and use are truly Mongolian style.


inner mongolia gegentala grassland

Time your visit to Gegentala Grassland during summer and autumn, when its natural beauty culminates and the Naadam Fesitval is under its way. During August, the grassland will be transformed into a fairyland. The uninterrupted rolling grassland will be carpeted with lush grass and interweaved with wild blossoms. Herdsmen with their livestocks will roam around leisurely, while the eternal tranquility dominating here will be stirred by Horse Head Fiddle music, Khoomei (Throat Singing) and various festivities celebrated under the blue sky. Naadam Festival, the grandest sport and trade event of the Mongolian people, will take place from August 15 to 25 in Gegentala Grassland each year. Prepare your camera and enough battery, for the most engaging and thrilling “manly games” including horse racing, archery and wrestling will leave your mouth wide-opened and camera overworked. This grand carnival is also a perfect time to enjoy Mongolian food and do some shopping therapy. The influx of goods and souvenirs make good gifts for your fellows in home.


inner mongolia gegentala grassland

In Gengentala Grassland, you can experience life beyond the Great Wall to the ultimate
, for this vast playground promises so much fun beyond your expectations. You can put on Mongolian gowns and boots, riding a horse or camel to test your skills and courage. Just imagine the feeling of infinity and grandeur when you patrol along the boundless territory like a king. No choked air pollution, no crowded mass, no long queues and no pressure, basically you have all the space and serenity to yourself, which only the remote island in the Pacific Ocean can offer.

Except for popular pastimes such as horse-riding and camel-riding, you can also compete with the Mongolian people if you are confident enough. It will be an ultimate honor to win them on horsemanship, archery and wrestling, which are their basic surviving skills and source of pride.

When night falls, fun continues. Bonfires will be set up, people will congregate and Mongolian ethnic shows will kick off. It will be a most memorable experience to enjoy Mongolian singing and dancing, tasting local delicacies such as Whole Roat Lamp and Mare Milk Wine, or joining the handsome Mongolian men and charmng Mongolian ladies to dance.


gegentala grassland

If local faith and culture appeals to you, Temple Fair and Aobao Worship Ceremony should not be missed. The Yuan Dynasty style Gegentala Aobao here is blessed with magic power by a Shamanism ritual. You can see one giant bound in the center, which is surrounded by twelve minor ones. Unlike the western world, number thirteen is the Mongols’ lucky number, the source of success and a symbol of auspiciousness. Aobao Worship Ceremony begins with a ritual conducted by monks. They will beat drums, chant the sutras and pray for peace, prosperity and heath for all beings. The herdsmen will sway their offerings and walk clockwise along these round altars called Aobao and pray for good harvest.

Travel Tips:

Location: it is only 128km from Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia. It is accessible by long distance bus from Hohhot, which will take you to this grassland in around two hours.

What to bring: Mongolian food is based on meat and diary products. Bring some medicine which is good for digestion.

Belong to Temperate Seasonal Climate, Inner Mongolia’s weather is unpredictable. Temperature varies dramatically during day and night. It can drop 10 celcis degrees in night. You had better bring umbrella and enough clothes.

Best Travel Season: August 15 to 25, during the Naadam Festival

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inner mongolia gegentala grassland


Author: Sophia     Posted on April 15, 2013

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