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What to See in Inner Mongolia Museum

Located in downtown Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia Museum is a comprehensive museum worthy of half a day’s exploration. It is a place to see everything relating to Inner Mongolia: its history, landscape, fauna and floras fossils, mineral specimen dating from pre-historic age, ethnic art, culture, customs and artifacts as well as  the legendary Yuan Dynasty.
Among the over 100, 000 pieces of artifacts, ceramics, silk products, Buddha statues, fossils as well as headgears and attires of the Mongolian nobles are highlights. The eagle-shaped golden crown hailing from the Warring States Period (475-221BC), the golden crown strips weighing 1,022.4 grams and the incense burner of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) rank as “Three Priceless Treasures”.
inner mongolia museum
These Mongolian headgears and attires come in sets, which are rare-seen elsewhere

Constructed in 1957, it is the earliest museum set up in the ethnic area. It exhibitions fall into four categories: fossils, historic relics, ethnic relics and revolutionary remnants.

From the second floor to the fourth floor, the glamour of Inner Mongolia will unfold before you slowly.
inner mongolia museum
 During Mesozoic Era (Middle Life Era), Inner Mongolia was the heaven for reptiles including various dinosaurs including the titanic Chagannuoer Dinosaur, Iguanodon, stegosaurus, pterosaurs, ankylosaurus and sauropods. The giant mammoths and rhinoceros housed here is something you would say “Wow”.

In the second floor, you will encounter countless dinosaur and mammal fossils in the Ancient World Hall, which shed light on the dramatic changes Inner Mongolia has underwent  300, 0000, 000 to 10,000 years ago. These relics testify to Inner Mongolia’s past as “the land of dinosaur” and “the cradle of life”.
Moving to the Spectacular Plateau Grassland Hall, you will enjoy the forest, grassland and Gobi desert of this frontier province to your heart’s content. Blessed with rich collections, the Underground Treasure Hall will mesmerize those who are curious about minerals, crystals and diamonds. If cutting edge technology appeals to you, then the Aerospace Hall exhibiting everything related to China’s aerospace, its history and main achievements is a must-see. Through these models, illustrations and introductions, you will be impressed by how the Chinese succeeded in sending out their own spacecrafts and rockets into the sky as well as invented atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb independently and swiftly.
inner mongolia museum
This museum is home to a Chagannuoer dinosaur, which is  the biggest dinosaur living in the cretaceous age, that is about 145,000,000 to 65,500,000 years ago.  Named after its excavation site, it measures 26 meters long and weighs 60T. 

In the third floor, there is plenty to see. If you are not into history, skip the History Hall addressing what has happened from 1919 to 1949 in Inner Mongolian and save your time and film for the rest three halls.
Sparkling with distinctive local touch and ethnic flavor, they constitute the quintessential part of this museum. Time will fly away quickly as you move from one quarter to the next, scrutinizing the artifacts and scenes which bring history back to life. The daily life, customs, faith, art, culture, heritage and attires of Mongolian people, Hui people, Dahaner people, Ewenke people, Manchu people, Korean people and Han people are simply breathtaking.
inner mongolia museum
 Qiedan Tribe created splendid culture in Inner Mongolia. A quantity of lacquerware, agate, glassware, silverware and gold unearthed within the boundary mirror its glorious past and constitute one of the most bewildering parts of this museum.

Do not linger too long if time is limited, for more surprises lay in store in the fourth floor. It is home to an incredible number of collections ranging from ethnic fashion and ornaments to singing, dancing and sports, from calligraphy to rock paintings and stone sculptures, from Horse Culture Exhibition to New Stone Age Display.
Teemed with replica scenes representing the hunting, pottery-making, jade-engraving, wedding and funeral of various ethnicities, New Stone Age Theme Hall will transport you backward to the tribe society.
In the Silk Road Theme Hall with numerous novelties, you will see something familiar and something new. As we know, Genghis Khan used only 40, 000 cavalries to incorporate over 40 countries into his empire, the biggest ever existed in human history. Under his reign, the cross-continent, in-depth and lasting economy and cultural exchange became reality. Through this artery, China Four Inventions and the much sought-after goods including silk, tea and ceramics flew out to the old continent, while the exotic goods and various religions flew in. It is no wonder you can see many artifacts from Europe, Middle East and countries and kingdoms along the Silk Road as well as relics showing the perfect blending of oriental and occidental flavor.
inner mongolia museuminner mongolia museum
inner mongolia museum
inner mongolia museuminner mongolia museum

In Inner Monglia Museum, you can see plenty of dinosaur fossils, ceramics, silk products and Buddha statues. During Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368), religion freedom was valued and guaranteed through law. Inner Mongolia became a haven for a myriad of faiths and beliefs. Among which, Buddhism surpassed the rest and became the national religion in the end. Hence, you can see many Buddha statues of Ming and Qing dynasties with peerless craftsmanship. Besides, this museum is place to see ethnic music instruments once prevailed among the royal palaces during the Tang dynasty.
Interesting Ethnic Custom Show: you can enjoy the Mongolian people’s Khoomei, also known as Throat Singing, which is inscribed as UNESCO Intangible Heritage. You can hear one person sing two voices meanwhile, which is quite unbelievable. Besides, you can also listen to Horse Head Fiddle music and watch the Hada Presenting Ceremony.
inner mongolia museum
inner mongolia museum
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