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Zhaojun Tomb


Wang Zhaojun(王昭君) lived in West Han Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Yuandi was one of Chinese Ancientzhaojun tomb Four Beauties(The other three are Xi Shi, 西施, a beauty lived in Yue State of Spring and Autumn Period; Diao Chan, 貂蝉, a beauty lived in the period of Three Kingdoms; and Yang Yuhuan, 杨玉环, the best-loved concubine of Emperor Xuanzong in Tang Dynasty).

Wang Zhaojun was born in Xishan County of Hubei province in which the world-famous Three Gorges located.
At the time, Wang Zhaojun was a common lady servant in Imperial Palace of West Han Dynasty. In 33 BC, the king of Huns arrived in Xian for peace-oriented marriage, and Wang Zhaojun volunteered to marry the king of Huns. After her marriage in Huns, she was assigned to be the queen. This is the story of Zhaojun Chusai (昭君出塞)in China.


There are in total two tombs of Zhaojun. One is on the river side of Dahei River(大黑河), roughly 9 kilometers away from southern district of Hohhot. The other is located on the southern side of Yellow River(黄河), roughly 40 kilometers away from southwest of Baotou city. The more famous is the former one near to Dahei River. It is said that the grass of Zhaojun Tomb of Dahei River is quite green and thick in late autumn when the grass is withered in other areas, so Zhaojun Tomb in China also more elegantly and famously named Qingzhong(青冢,Green Tomb) , and in many classic poems or essays, such an idiom was often used.


In front of Zhaojun Tomb, it is a large bronze-made statue themed with the figures of Wang Zhaojun and king of Hun. They are together walking slowly and talking amiably. It symbolizes the friendly relationship between Han Dynasty and Hun. Behind the statue, it is a stele with the poems that highly evaluating the contributions that Wang Zhaojun made.

Zhaojun Tomb is a man-made one with 33 meters high. Additionally, there is a display hall beside the tomb to exhibit the articles and antiques that Wang Zhaojun probably used. Walking up to the top of tomb, visitors reach a small pavilion. Over there, visitors can appreciate the marvelous landscape of nature and humanity.
 zhaojun tomb
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