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Hong Kong Aberdeen

Aberdeen in Hong KongAberdeen located in the south region of Hong Kong Island, originally many a fishermen lived here for generations. Renamed Aberdeen later mainly commemorates at-the-time foreign minister of UK. There are a mass of fishing ships. Only 40 or 50 yuan needed, visitors can have a trip to Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter, where is famous for its seafood and particularly its world-renowned seafood shop named JUMBO. Annually, a large number of travelers from home and abroad target on it.

As for its name origination, something connected is quite interesting. Initially, during the Ming Dynasty, “Hong Kong” became the original name for the presently-named Aberdeen village. In the early 19th century; foreigners who landed near Aberdeen Village mistook the name of the village “Hong Kong” for the whole island. When the foreigners eventually realized their mistake, the name “Hong Kong" was already commonly used to refer to the entire island. Thus in 1845, Aberdeen was named after the British Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen. Aberdeen actually is a young and modern name of this place, and locally it is named widely as Heung Kong Tsai or Hong Kong Tsai, which means Hong Kong Minor. It is believed that Aberdeen is where the name of Hong Kong (more accurate transcription, Heung Kong) originates. Heung Kong Tsuen (香港村, Hong Kong village) on Ap Lei Chau was mentioned in Ming maps. Since 1970s, Hong Kong Tsai has had a new turning-point in industrial updating and booming population. Promoted by the entire economic development of Hong Kong, a special sector named Unified Operation Office of Fishing set by Hong Kong Local Government serves the local fishermen for upgrading the fishing tools and borrowing loans. Majority of the local fishermen’s life was highly improved, and a lot of well-off fishermen moved and settled down on land

Today, Aberdeen superficially seems quite international and popular for its fashionable name, however, it is a truly typical traditional place and a lot of the old or outdated sites or historic attractions are available. But, generally speaking, Aberdeen is famous to tourists for its floating village and the floating seafood restaurants such as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. The Tanka people are generally associated with the fishing industry, and there are also several dozen expatriates living on boats in the harbor. Traveling in Aberdeen, tasting the local seafood and having a floating stay on sea are the must.


Posted in 2012

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