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Repulse Bay, Hong Kong toursOne of the most beloved beaches in

Hong Kong

  that its Chinese name is "Chin Sui Wan", which means the "Shallow Water Bay". The English name actually came from the fact that the British army had "repulsed" some pirates in the past. In the summer, the beach is pretty much standing room only, but the colorful swimsuits worn by the swimmers will make the beach looks like a great watercolor painting. November is the great time to go avoiding the crowds, you can feel the romantic atmosphere as projected in the film Love is a Many Splendored Thing, and the mild weather will make you feel so good too.

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong toursThe sand on Repulse Bay Beach is delicately fine and the waves of the sea are often tranquil. The sand resources are tremendous, the beach's steepness has always been stable and the sea water is warm throughout the year. There are a lot of barbecue stoves set up under the shades on the eastern part of the beautiful beach. In pastoral atmosphere of small countryside, tourists can comfortably enjoy the happy time of picnic and the good taste of barbecued meat with friends and relatives.

Near the often-crowded barbecue zone, located the

Zhen Hai Lou Park

, which is strong in Buddhist character. At the gate of the majestic park there stands the gigantic statues of the Holy Mother Tin Hau and Kwan Yin Bodhisattva. The Seven-colored Kindly Lighthouse is situated on the shore. It looks so magnificent when seeing from afar or standing near of it. Many tourists like to take souvenir photos in front the tower. 

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong toursLots of quality restaurants, fast food eateries and big supermarkets have been established around the

Repulse Bay Beach

  for your leisure during your tour. A tea house built along the beach is an ideal place for watching the emotionally moving scene of colorful sunset and easy-listening sound of melodic sea waves.

The beautiful landscape of Repulse Bay has made it be one of the high-class residential areas in Hong Kong. Luxury apartment buildings are built on the low hills along the scenic beach. Many wealthy people and famous celebrities love the place so much.

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