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Top 10 Places to Visit in China 2014

Travel is all about when to go where, with whom. When spring steals in, China dazzles like a treasure box promising endless surprises. Plunge into south China during this season will wash away your fatigue easily.

Here goes a hand-picked list of China Top 14 Places to Visit during Spring from Absolute China Tours.


No.1, West Lake, Hangzhou


Spring is beautiful everywhere, but it is undeniably otherworldly in West Lake of Hangzhou. Wonder what are top ten things to do this spring in Hangzhou?

Tip: Two hours’ drive away from Hangzhou lies Suzhou, city of Kun Qu opera and classic gardens. Do not miss its colorful celebrations include Taihu Lake Plum Blossom Festival (Feb. 2014) and Immortal Day (May. 2014).

places to visit in China
places to visit in China

No. 2 Top 5 Things to do in Yunnan 2014 (Spring)


(2) March Street Fair Apr. 14, 2014 to Apr. 19, 2014 Dali

(3) Worship Gathering In The Three Temples May. 2014 Dali

(4) Butterfly Spring Festival May. 2014 Dali

(5) Join Luoping Rapeseed Blossom Festival at Luoping County, Yunnan Jan 20 to April 7, 2014
From Jan 20 to April 7, 2014 Luoping Rapeseed Blossom Festival enthralls nature lovers for an ocean of golden rapeseed blossoms and ethnic performances.
places to visit in China

No. 3 Guangzhou


(1) Flower market: Yuexiu Park(越秀公园):Jan 27 to Feb 28,2014:
places to visit in China

Visit Cheng Family Memorial Hall(陈家祠堂), the biggest, best-preserved and oldest building in Guangdong. It is home to Guangzhou Folk Art Museum. Carvings of stone, brick, clay and wood as well as porcelain and iron artworks are simply breathtaking.
places to visit in China

(2) Polo Birth Festival Temple Fair Mar. 2014 Guangzhou
(3)Guangzhou International Furniture Fair Mar. 18, 2014 to Mar. 22, 2014 Guangzhou
places to visit in China

No. 4 Tibet


(1) Trek to Mt Klaish in 2014, the year of horse. Tibetans believe that circle around mountains in this year can accumulate 13 times of merits than other years.
places to visit in China
 Saga Dawa Festival held at the foot of Mt Klaish in 2012

(2) Walk into a sea of peach blossoms in Nyingchi Prefecture set against snow-peaked mountains, one of the highest on earth. (see stunning photos, maps and trip of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival join-in Tour)
places to visit in China
  Saga Dawa Festival held at the foot of Mt Klaish in 2012

(2)Cham in Tshurpu Monastery May. 20, 2014 Lhasa

(3) Reincarnation and Transmigration of Buddhas Warrior Attendant May. 02, 2014 to May. 03, 2014 Lhasa
Further reading: List of Tibet Festivals 2014
places to visit in China
Saga Dawa Festival held at the foot of Mt Klaish in 2012


No. 5 Visit Shidong Miao Village to join Sisters’ Meal Festival (April 14,2014)


Love is in the air from April 14, 2014 in Shidong, Guizhou province. Along the rippling riverside, Sisters’ Meal Festival, a romantic courtesy party occurs. Miao girls in their unrivalled silver ornaments (the most beautiful on earth), dance to the music in their pursuits of a soulmate. Photo opportunities abound. Join their Valentine’s Day and snap photos to surprise your friends back in home, relax in a Miao village, demystify how a piece of silver jewelry is made on site, and buy some gifts (embroidery/silver ornaments) for a song is guaranteed.
shidong sisters meal festival

In the last hidden world in mysterious Middle Kingdom, you will be the focus of attention and be a star. Do not be shy and say Hi. An open-mind attitude will help you connect with locals and reap more fond memories.
 sisters meal festival shidong guizhou

sisters meal festival

No.6 Marathon along the Great Wall


April 20, 2014    Marathon at Jinshanling Section of the Great Wall  

May 11,2014       Tianjin Huanyaguan Section of the Great Wall

 great wall marathon china
Marathon is held in Jinshanling in May 1st in Beijing annually. It includes full/half/ 10km and 5km marathon. It attracted over 500 worldwide participants.
jinshanling great wall
 Jinshanling Section of the Great Wall
jinshanling great wall

It is always happening in Shanghai, city of change, wonder and glamour. Here goes a list of festivals occurring this spring.

Shanghai International Fashion Festival Mar 2014 Shanghai

Shanghai International Flower Festival Apr. 17 to Apr. 20
shanghai f1 race

Formula One Shanghai
April 20, 2014

Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition May. 10, 2014 to May. 13, 2014

Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival May 16--19,2014(Shanghai International Exhibition Center N0,77,Xingyi Road)

No.8 Chengdu


Chengdu beckons for giant pandas, spicy Sichuan food and hot girls. A trip to Chengdu usually include Mt Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha and Sanxingdui Museum.

Zigong Lantern Festival
Feb. 2014 Sichuan

ShiXiang Lake Tulip Festival Mar. 2014

Peonies Star at Tianpeng Fair Chengdu Apr. 2014 Apr. 2014

The Releasing Water Festival on Tomb Sweeping Day Apr. 05, 2014
Chchina top places to visit chengdu


No.9 Luoyang

 In addition to Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin Temple, Luoyang allures for its dazzling peony blossoms. Unique to China, peony blossoms stand for wealth and aristocracy. Rumors had it that Emperor Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history, once commands all flowers in her garden to bloom in winter. All flowers, except for peony, refused her order. Hence, peony is exiled out of the royal garden forever. Luoyang Peony Fair occurs from Apr 1- May 5. 2014, will be a highlight of your trip to Longmen Grottoes.
china top places to visit luoyang
Luoyang (click to enlarge)



Beijing International Peach Blossom Music Festival

Beijing's Pinggu District is the world's largest peach blossom area Apr. 2014

Beijing International Long-Distance Running Festival Apr. 2014 Beijing

Beijing’s Daxing Watermelon Festival May. 28, 2014 to May. 28, 2014



Dong Nationality Fireworks Festival Apr. 02, 2014

Zhuang Nationality Song Festival Apr. 02, 2014

Zhuang Nationality Cattle Festival May. 06, 2014 to May. 06, 2014 Guilin


Hong Kong International Film Festival Apr. 02, 2014 to Mar. 17, 2014 Hong-kong


No.13. Huangshan

Yi County Tourism and Photography Festival Apr. 12, 2014 to Apr. 14, 2013 Huangshan

No.14. Mt Taishan


Dongyue Temple Fair Mar. 31, 2014 to May. 07, 2014 Shandong
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