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Xidi Ancient Village, World Heritage in Anhui


Xidi village(西递) is located in the Huangshan Mountain scenic area, Yi County(黟县), Anhui Province of east China. It is the best representatives of southern residences of Anhui province and inscribed on the World Cultural Heirtage List in 2000, as well as Hongcun village.
xidi ancient village
The traditional Chinese painting-style scenery in Xidi village

The classic Anhui-style folk residence in Xidi village

►The highlights of Xidi Village

Xidi is famous for their rurality of the natural countryside landscape, the well-preserved village structure, delicate and excellent Anhui-style folk residence and its deep and colorful culture and long history.
xidi ancient village2

Xidi village is away from Yi County about 8 kilometers. Till now, it has experienced roughly one-thousand-year history. The whole village looks like a boat with 122 best-preserved ancient residential buildings. Now there are more than 300 families with the total population of more than 1000. It is entitled the exhibition of Chinese traditional culture and the museum of Chinese folk residential buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties.
xidi ancient village

Xidi Village is surrounded by mountains in four directions. Two streams from the north and east gather together in Huiyuan Bridge of the southern countryside. The village is mainly comprised of the lengthways streets and two roads along two streams. It becomes the village and lane systems from east to west and meanwhile extends towards south and north. All the streets are paved by the bluestones of Yi County.
xidi ancient village

►The unique architectural style in Xidi:

The ancient architectures are mostly made by woods and bricks. The wood carving, stone carving and brick carving are colorful. The alleys and buildings are harmoniously integrated. The change of village space is flexible. The main colors of buildings are plain and simple. They are the typical representative of Chinese Anhui architectural style.
xidi ancient village
xidi ancient village
xidi ancient village
xidi ancient village
xidi ancient village
xidi ancient village
xidi ancient village
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