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Hulunbuir Grasslands Travel Guide

As a pure land of color, grandeur, contrast and vibrancy, Hulunbuir Grasslands sparkles as the best-preserved
hulunbuir map
grassland in China and one of the top three grasslands on earth.
Sublime pastoral scenery combined with exotic Mongolian and Russian glamour make it an irresistible site for nature aficionados, adventurers, photographers and peace-seekers alike. Top things to do here include horse riding, indulge in a carnival bonfire party, sample meat-and-milk based Mongolian gourmet, stroll along Huhenuoer Prairie, its centerpiece, to immerse into the classic and timeless beauty of this epic grassland as well as interact with the hospitable and talented locals to pick up new skills such as horse-riding, archery, wrestling and preparing yogurt.

Detailed Introduction

Situated in the northeast area of Inner Mongolia, Hulunbuir borders DaXingAnLing to the west and gets its name from Hulun Lake and Beier Lake. Encompassing 93,000km2, its sheer scale will heighten our sense of insignificance immediately, while the unparalleled spacious feelings it evokes, will leave we city-dwellers awe-stricken. Take a bird’s-eye view, you will see the vast landscape spreads out in all direction and is scared with over 3000 intertwining rivers and 500 glistening lakes.

Hulunbuir Grasslands is the cradle of nomad civilization and a melting pot featuring Russian influence. Since time immemorial, this fertile haven has drawn assorted tribes such as Xianbei(鲜卑), Qidan(契丹) and the Mongols to dwell along its lush grasslands.
In this eternal land, numerous dynasties rose and fell, leaving behind a legacy of myths and legends. Among which, the most enduring and remarkable one belongs to the Genghis Klan, a history-changing controversial figure of all time. Backed up by the superabundant supplies from Hulunbuir Grasslands, he was able to accomplish the seemingly impossible endeavor: united Middle Kingdom and swept through middle Asian all the way to Europe with incredible efficiency and speed. Regarding the vastness, the empire he built will leave the rest pale in comparison on earth.

Nowadays, Hulunbuir Grasslands dominates as China’s biggest and most important pasture,
and the dietary products, furs, leathers and carpets churning out from here are shared not only by 13 million Chinese, but also its neighboring countries like Japan.

Ride a horse at lightning speed, mount on a camel, stare into the starry sky to contemplate the meaning of love and life, wolf down skewered lamp, join Naadam Festival to see archery, horse racing and wrestling, plunge into the deep forest of DaXingAnLing to pick fruits,  barbeque along Eerguna River and fishing along the lakes…Hulunbuir Grassland offers amazing recreational activities for both hardcore outdoor enthusiasts and relaxed weekend voyagers. In this place, you can relax totally and embrace ultimate freedom.

The most beautiful sites of Hulunbuir Grasslands

To take in its splendor, you can head out for Hulun Lake and especially Huhenuoer Prairie (“Huhenuoer” means “emerald lake”. ), the quintessential part of this grassland.

Hulunnuoer Prairie: the centerpiece of Hulunbuir Grassland

Located within Chenbaerhu Banner, Hulunbuir city, Huhenuoer Prairie is the draw card of Hulunbuir Grassland. Featuring yurts, green grasslands, rainbow-colored wild bossoms and flocks of livestocks, the beauty of grassland lanscape and lifetyle find the fullest expression here.
The Huhenuoer Lake it contains used to boast the most fantastic scenery among 500 lakes. Nurtured by several thousands of rivers, its life-giving water will never dry up, but recently years saw it shrinked somehow.
Once make it here, you can put on Mongolian ethnic attires, jump onto a horse or a camel, board on a primitive Mongolian Style Ox Cart, paddle along HehuNuoer Lake and hunt amid the forests nearby. During summer and winter, you can watch wrestling, horse racing and archery competition during Naadam Festival. This hiking can turn out to be a gastronomical adventure too. Savoring local flavors such as Hand Pulled Meat and Mongolian Hotpot will bestow you with haunting memories. When night falls, fun continues. Those energetic ones can opt for a culture-laden ethnic performance or indulge in a bonfire party.
hulunbuir grasslandshulunbuir grasslands
 hulunbuir grasslandshulunbuir grasslands
hulunbuir grasslandshulunbuir grasslands

Moergele River (莫尔格勒河): a silver ribbon from heaven

We can say without rivers and lakes, Hulunbuir Grasslands will be deprived of half of its charm. Full of twists and turns, the serpentine Moergele River meanders its way for over 1000km long and is famed as the most beautiful river in this grassland. Several thousand years ago, the Xianbie Tribe migrated from the dense forest of DaXingAnLing southward to this fertile grassland. In 386, they united northern China and constructed the famous Northern Wei Dynasty. During the 12th and 13th century, Genghis Khan waged numerous wars here to conquer other tribes before building the Yuan Dynasty. Nowadays, you can trace the footprints of this hero through yurts fashioned in the 12th century style.
hulunbuir grasslands

Hulun Lake: Fish’s heaven, crane’s sanctuary and nature aficionados’ dream land

Hulun Lake is the biggest fresh water lake in Inner Mongolia and the fifth largest fresh water lake in China. From November to May, it will freeze into a giant ice, the biggest piece of ice in China. During this period, you can observe how locals dig the ice to collect fish. In spring or autumn, it is a place to watch over 142 kinds of birds including red-crowned cranes.
hulun lake
Hulun Lake

Festivals and Events

Hulunbuir Grasslands promises a wealth of sights and activities. You can drink guest-greeting wine, listen to Khoomei (an UNESCO Intangible World Heritage), participate in Naadam Festival, puzzle over Aobao Worship Ceremony, enjoy Mongolian style wresting named Boke as well as horsemanship performance.  Join in a group tour will give you the privilege to enjoy cheaper performances, accommodation and know more travel fellers.
Naadam Festival: it is the Mongol’ s grandest and most tempting celebration. If time and budget are limited, this is the one you should not miss. Around each June 18 to 20, it will take place in Hulunbuir city.
mongolian naadam festivalmongolian naadam festival
mongolian naadam festival
Wrestling, horse racing and archery are three important part of Naadam Festival
mongolian naadam festival

Aobao Worship Ceremony: any first-time visitor to Inner Mongolia will riddle themselves with heaps of rocks topped with poles decorated with colorful flags in the grassland. These are Aobao, the holy “shrines” of the Mongol.  Touch or take away those holy stones are not allowed.
Epitomizing the religion and belief of the nomads, Aobao Worship Ceremony is a ritual native to the Mongols. To pay homage to their gods and ancestors, they will place cheese, whole roasted lamp, yellow butter and mare milk around these “aobao” before circling them to pray for harvest and health.

Hulunbuir during Four Seasons

During May Holiday (May 1-3), flocks of swans, wild geese, cranes and ducks will stop by the countless lakes here, making it a golden time to photograph birds.

March 15-June 15: without lush green grass and flowers, it is the least appealing period of Hulunbuir City. Locals usually head out for DaXingAnLing to marvel at Azaleas blossoms along the slopes.

June 15 to end of July: it is the most beautiful period of this grassland.

Early August: grass will turn yellow and herdsman will begin to harvest grass

September: birth forests will adopt golden color. The weather is neither hot nor cold and you do not need to contend with other tourists.

November to middle February: in each December 20, Hulunbuir Grassland Ice and Snow Festival will kick off. Main festivities including swimming, camel contest, horse riding, watch ice sculptures will take place. You can also join in Winter Naadam, fish in the frozen lakes and take amazing photos.
hulunbuir grassland winter naadam
 Winter Naadam: if you have missed the Naadam Festival occurring in summer, Winter Naadam will be a nice alternative. Though minor in scale, those engaging competitions will definitely spicy up your trip
hulunbuir grassland winter naadam
hulunbuir grassland winter naadam
hulunbuir grassland winter naadam
hulunbuir grassland winter naadam
hulunbuir grassland winter naadam


Best time to visit

Middle May to Middle September, especially during July and August when the scenery is most enchanting


temperature can shift from scorching hot to freezing cold dramatically within one day. Even during summer, a long-sleeve shirt is necessity. In July, there are many mosquitoes; hence a pair of comfortable sport shoes (rather than sandals) and a bottle of ointment called Fengyou jing are must-haves.

Get in

From Hulunbuir City to Hulunbuir Grasslands: take a long distance bus from train station or Long Distance Bus Station Time needed on the road: 1.5hour

Hailaer to Hulunbuir Grasslands
: tourism buses are available, which will take around one hour
From Beijing to Hulunbuir Grasslands: Take train K1301 or K275. To save time, flight is a nice alternative. HU7101(7:35-9:40) KN2909(14:55-17:00)

What to eat

click to read Mongolia Cuisine


Make it Happen

hunlunbuir grasslands foodhunlunbuir grasslands food
hunlunbuir grasslands foodhunlunbuir grasslands food
hunlunbuir grasslands foodhunlunbuir grasslands food
Author: Sophia  Posted on June 26, 2013
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