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Huzhou Writing Brush


Huzhou writing brush

  is famous in China as one of four treasures for study, which is the most popular tool to the traditional learners in China. Chinese calligraphy and painting are both can not leave it. It is the means of the traditional scholars to show their uniqueness and personality. It is said that the writing brush was invented by General Meng Tian of Qin Dynasty, who did a great contribution to the linkage project and the partial building of Great Wall of China.


Huzhou writing brush

  is the authorities in writing brush production industry. The Huzhou writing brush falls into four categories. The first is made of goat hair, which is very flexible; the second, of brownish rabbit hair; the third, of stiff weasel hair; and the fourth is a mixture of goat and weasel hair, which is neither too flexible nor too stiff. The workmanship of the brush is exquisite and complicated since it contains more than 120 processes -- from selecting materials to the finished products. These brushes are especially handy both for painting and calligraphy. Due to its shaft, this type of brush is usually made of either red sandalwood or mottled bamboo, white porcelain or even with ivory. It is therefore regarded as the best-quality brush and the most exquisite handicraft. Chinese people are always having the tradition of writing calligraphy works and complicated Chinese characters in writing brush. This tradition is succeeded from generation to generation. Today as the returning of traditional ideology and the traditional conception to judge who is high-level people or how to judge them are the versatile from the public, using writing brush to create the calligraphy works and paintings becomes more and more welcome in younger generation.












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