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Zhu Jia Hua Yuan(The Zhu's Family Mansion)



The Zhu's Family Mansion (朱家花园, Zhu Jia Hua Yuan) has been honored as Da Guan Yuan from Chinese novel the Dream of the Red Mansions(Hong Lou Meng, 红楼梦) in southern Yunnan Province. It is located in Jianxin Street of Jianshui City (建水城建新街). All the elements of the large residential architecture are from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911). 

The Zhu's Family Mansion was former residence and ancestral temple built by the wealthy brothers Zhu Weiqing (朱渭卿兄弟) during the reign of the Qing Dynasty's Guangxu Emperor (1871 – 1908). It took about 30 years to complete the whole mansion and its gardens, where totally have more than 20,000 square meters in land area. The layout is that "three rows and four columns". 

The buildings are either parallel or perpendicular to each other that they are juxtaposed in an orderly manner. There are 42 patios in total in Zhu's mansion with delicate and traditional Chinese architectural designs. Entering the courtyard, visitors may have the feeling of going into a labyrinth, which is like walking pass a door after a door and going deeper and deeper into the scene, people perhaps lost their sense of direction. From this we may know a bit about the wealthy life that the Zhu's family was living. 

The main architecture is the "Flowery Hall" and the garden is located just in front of it. The pool in the Zhu's family garden collects 12 pieces of stone bas-reliefs with ancient calligraphy. They have tremendous artistic value. It is said that in the past there many men of letters had gathered here to discuss poetry, literature and politics while they were tasting tea or wine. 


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During the mansion's hundred-year-long history, it was neglected and had been used for various purposes after 1949. In 1990, the local government took it back and invested much money to renovate. Eight years later, the Zhu's Family Mansion became a key tourist destination, it was repaired again. 


Now it has facilities in accommodation, F & B and entertainment. There are hotel rooms designed with the Qing Dynasty style. The beds, chairs, tables and lamps are made from camwood with traditional carvings. Etiquettes of reception are in the Qing style too that makes travelers living in a hundred years ago.

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