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Jianshui Swallow Cave


Located in a valley 30 kilometers away from Jianshui County in southern Yunnan, the Swallow Cave is the biggest and grandest karst cave on the Asian continent.

A tourist plank road of 3,000 meters long leads into the cave, enabling visitor to appreciate the diverse stalactite landscapes inside. The cave may hold thousands of visitors at a time.


Swallow Cave, Jianshui Attractions, Jianshui Travel
Swallow Cave, Jianshui Attractions, Jianshui Travel
Swallow Cave, Jianshui Attractions, Jianshui Travel
At the entrace of the cave. Note the plaques hanging high above? Local people managed to put them on by climbing onto the cave barehanded.

Inside the cave.

The cave derives its name from the tens of thousands of swallows that migrate here every spring from Malaysia. The cave proves excellent dwelling places for the swallows – natural enemies are kept away by the sharp cliffs and insects are abundant in the bushes outside the cave. The swallows build nests and give birth to young swallows in the cave. The assembly of thousands of them makes a grand picture.

Still more exciting are those local people who climb up the precipices to collect the swallow nest. The nest can be steamed and made a precious delicacy. This is held only between August 8 and 10 each year. Brave climbers make it to the nests at such high levels just bare-handed.


Swallow Cave, Jianshui Attractions, Jianshui Travel

A climber making it to the swallow nest.


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