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Wuzhen Ancient Town

Wuzhen ancient town is located in the north of TongXiang City, Zhejiang Province and is 13 km away from downtown. It is among Jiangnan (regions south of the Yangtze River) six ancient towns, along with Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Luzhi, Xitang and Nanxun. Wuzhen is known as the land of fish and rice and home of silk. It is a 5A state level scenic area and is one of the 20 predicted attractions during golden weeks in China. It was once named Wudun and Qingdun and now can date back to 6,000 years. In 1991 Wuzhen was rated as Zhejiang’s famous historic and cultural city. In 1999 protection and tourism development projects of the ancient town started.

As a typical Jiangnan water town, Wuzhen best preserves the style and pattern of ancient water town of the later Qing Dynasty and the Republican period. With rivers as its streets, streets connected by bridges, buildings built by rivers, town integrated with water, Wuzhen shows the charm of Jiangnan ancient water town and reflects the humanistic ideas of “no harmony no beauty” of Chinese ancestors.

The four old streets - east, north, south and west streets - crisscross in the town, forming the overall layout of streets paralleling to river and land adjacent to water. The main scenic areas of Wuzhen are the East Gate area and the West Gate area. The East Gate area is an agglomeration of traditional residential blocks and workshops. Tourists can appreciate the ancient residential buildings in the morning and hunt for delicacies in a traditional food street in the noon. In the afternoon, the West Gate area is for you, where is the agglomeration of stores.
East Gate area

Bridges are indispensable parts of Wuzhen. There are more 30 bridges such as Tongji Bridge, Renji Bridge in the West Gate area, Yingjia Bridge, Taiping Bridge in the East Gate area, Fuxing Bridge and Fulan Bridge in the South Gate area as well as Tiyun Bridge and Liji Bridge in the North Gate area. Tourists can absolutely have experiences of “passing bridges within a hundred steps”.

In four seasons, Wuzhen is most beautiful in spring and autumn; in a day, it is most beautiful in early morning and late afternoon. Enjoy slow time in this peaceful and tranquil ancient water town is absolute most people’s desired leisure way.

West Gate area
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