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Longevity Pagoda, Shashi, Jingzhou, China
Longevity Pagoda in Shashi city, Jingzhou, China
Shashi City (沙市) is located in south-central Hubei Province in central China. It was called Jiang Jin (江津) or Xia Shou (夏首) more than two thousand years ago, about the era of Warring States ancient China. Called Shatoushi (沙头市) in the Tang Dynasty (618 AD – 907 AD), and Shashi has been an abbreviation of the name that Chinese people are using today.

Shashi had been an important port along the Yangtze River in ancient Chu State in the Warring States Period. It became an open port in 1895 as one of the earliest opening ports in China. In 1956, the Chinese government included the city into the administrative area of Jingzhou City, south-central Hubei Province, and in 1994, Shashi became a part of downtown Jingzhou.

The urban district has about 560,000 inhabitants and the total land area is 492 square kilometers. Shashi has been developing very fast during the implementation of Reform and Opening-up Policy in recent decades. It produced many nationwide famous stuffs such as sweet garlic, fishes, eel, and renowned in its excellent urban environment as well.

As it was an important port along the Yangtze River more than two thousand years ago, Shashi has left many historical relics. Zhang Hua Taoist Temple from the Yuan Dynasty and Longevity Pagoda from the Ming Dynasty are the great documents of the glorious past. The Culture Site of Zhou Liang Yu Qiao Bridge (周梁玉桥) and Jiang Du Gong Palace (江渎宫), where had once been the former residence of Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese patriotic poet, strongly reflect the cultural development in Shashi city. Moreover, Jingzhou Museum (which is among the top ten museums in China today) and Tang Dynasty architecture are very amazing. The Phoenix Mountain Vacation Resort, a brand new village excellent for local tourism, is now under construction.

Fish Cake Ball and Turtle Soup with Winter Melon are Shashi's food specialties. Fish Cake Ball is a special snack in Jingzhou, it made from fish but you cannot see anything fishy in the ball. It is delicious and soft in your mouth! Turtle Soup with Winter Melon is a kind of soup made from turtle rim, soft winter melon and chicken broth. It is excellent to body's health.
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