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Zhouxi Miao Village, the Birthplace of Reed-Pipe Culture

Located 20km south of Kali, the capital of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Prefecture, Zhouxi Miao Village is the birthplace of Reed Pipe Culture (Lusheng Culture) of Miao Nationality.
zhouxi miao village
Each 16th to 20th day of the first lunar month will see the GannangXiang Reed-Pipe Festival take place in Zhouxi Miao Village(舟溪苗寨)
Each 16th to 20th day of the first lunar month will see the over 400-year-old Gannangxiang Reed-Pipe Festival take place, with festivities include parade, courtship singing contests, horse racing, bullfighting and rooster fighting be celebrated and participants amounting to over 40,000.
zhouxi miao village
the big parade during Gannangxiang Reed-Pipe Festival hosted in Zhouxi Miao Village
As the biggest Reed-Pipe Festival in China, it is precluded with minor ones held in vicinity Miao villages in Kaili City, Majiang County, Danzhai County and Leishan County. Zhouxi Miao Village is accessible by vans and buses. It shelters a renowned Ming-era Reed Pipe (Lusheng) Hall measuring 500×100m, which is the biggest and most ancient one in Qiandongnan. Within this holy hall, this festival is held.
zhouxi miao village
the king and queen of Miao people

Months of preparation is needed to ensure the sufficient supply of rice wine, special delicacies and reed pipe instruments. To guarantee the most thrilling bullfighting, cows will be fed with juicy grasses half a year beforehand.
zhouxi miao village
Zhouxi Miao Village(舟溪苗寨) is the birthplace of Reed-Pipe Culture and the hub of Short-skirt Miao
Gannanxiang Reed-Pipe Festival is expected by both adults and children. Mothers here find it the most effective way to coax their naughty children by saying: “if you do not behave, I won’t bring you to the Reed-Pipe Festival”, and their children will be very obedient instantly. Single Miao youths will arrange romantic dates on this merry carnival also.
zhouxi miao village lusheng festival
Reed-Pipe(Lusheng) Performance

On the very first day of Gannangxiang Lusheng Festival, Miao people, man and woman, old and young, will put on festival outfits and silver jewelry weighing 10 to 15kg before flocking into Zhouxi Miao Village, just like numerous colorful streams flowing into a pool. For outsiders, it offers them rare chance to feast eye on the radiant Miao attires, sparkling ornaments as well as engaging festivities in one place within brief time.
zhouxi miao village bullfighting

With ancient history, outstanding craftsmanship as well as diversified styles and ornaments, Miao costumes is famed as the epic and encyclopedia of this weathered and unyielding nationality.
zhouxi miao village
zhouxi miao village
zhouxi miao village
zhouxi miao village
Miao Nationality can be divided into Long-skirt Miao, Short-skirt Miao and Long-horn Miao, etc. The inhabitants of Zhouxi Miao Village belong to Short-skirt Miao. Short-skirt Miao are distinguished by their shot pleated shirts, silver ornaments, leggings, waistbands, embroidery as well as hand-made reed pipes. It is a queer phenomenon to see ladies here wear so boldly and stylish during the past millennia, while their counterparts are either wrapped up with long skirts like Zongzi or equipped from toe to head with long gowns and confined within their attics like prisoners.
To sum up, Zhouxi Miao Village worthy of a stopover to explore the famed Short-skirt Miao and its Gannangxiang Reed-Pipe Festival.
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