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Grand Bazaar in Kashgar

The main gate of Kashgar Grand Bazaar Located in east gate of Kashgar, Kashgar Grand Bazaar is the largest international business market in China’s northwest region. Bazaar in Uyghur means market or fair. Kashgar is an important and famous cultural and historical city on the Silk Road and also a critical good distribution center. Over the past, businessmen departing from Xian would meet over here no matter which routing they selected (There used to be two ways; one is the south-side way of Tianshan Mountain and the other is the north-side way of Tianshan Mountain)

The bazaar in Kashgar to date has more than 2000 years’ history. Anciently, it boasted” The Largest Fair in Asia”. There are more than 5000 booths selling more than nearly 10,000 goods, and the visitors’ flow volume each day is up to 100,000 more or less. Since the opening of Khunjerab Port and Turgart Port in succession, the thoroughfare of the international market was opened and a large amount of the visitors, travelers, businessmen and diversities of groups have been coming and going. Meanwhile, a large number of exotic merchandises and commodities have been being sold in this market, and they also voluminous have been purchasing many Chinese goods in bazaar.

Tip: the traditional bazaar is regularly opened on Sunday, but today it is opened everyday. It is better to go to bazaar on Sunday if travelers want to see the real and boisterous occasion of bazaar



Author: Yoan   Posted on May 18, 2010

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