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Golden Temple

Brief Introduciton of Golden Temple
Golden Temple, also known as Tongwa Temple (Copper Tile Temple), nestles among the luxuriant forest of Mingfeng Hill( Singing Phoenix Hill) in north suburb of Kunming. It is the Holy Grail for those Daoists. As the core part of Taihe Palace (Ultimate Harmony Palace), Golden Temple was built in 1602 during Ming dynasty (1368-1644). With all the columns, beams, arches, tiles, roofs, canopies, desks, vases and banners made of copper, Golden Temple will dash out thousands of golden rays which can light up the whole forest, hence its name.

Kunming Golden Temple: the biggest and best preserved bronze architecture in China

Measuring 6.2m in length and width, the 6.7m high Golden Temple with a formidable weight of 250ton, is the biggest and best preserved copper architecture remains intact in China. A winding path dotted with three "Heavenly Gate" leads to this spectacle. The entry gate of "Taihe Palace" is engraved with one couplet which means: "the fabulous architecture clusters here claim but little area of the green mountain, while the radiant red palace offers the broad vision extending to the horizen". Advancing further, you will see a stately brick wall which breathes an air of the Forbidden City. Ascending the steps along this wall, you can behold the Golden Temple presents herself gracefully before you. Harboring the statues of Emperor Zhenwudi, one pair of innocent children and two brave generals, it well lives up to the fame as:"the Museum of Ancient Casting Artworks". Golden Temple also shelters a sword named "Qixing Sword" and a giant copper bell. The elaborately made "Qixing Sword" weighs 20kg and is equipped with a tiny copper pavilion as well as a banner with seven stars. The copper bell was built in 1432 during Ming dynasty. Measuring 2.2m high and weighs 14ton, this bell with a circumference of 6.7m ranks as the largest copper bell in Kunming. It has traveled several places before settling down here permanently. The sound of this bell can reach over 10km, serving the purpose of announcing time or sending alarm.
History of Golden Temple
The year 1602 saw the birth of Golden Temple. Chen Yongbin, a governor of Yunnan province during Ming dynasty, fashioned it after the Golden Temple of Wudangshan, a holy Doaism mountain in Hubei. Featuring sophisticated layout and delicate decorations, this classic architecture has experienced ups and downs during the past 410 years. In 1637, it was moved to the 3248m high Tianzhu Peak of Jizu Hill (Chicken Feet Hill), the origination site of Buddhism in China. After that, Tianzhu Peak was named as "Jin Ding"(Golden Peak). However, during 1966, this masterpiece was destroyed during the culture revolution. Without Golden Temple, Tianhe Palace lost half of its charm. During 1670, a general named Wu Sangui endeavored to restore its glory, and a brand new Golden Temple was finished in 1671. During the reign of Xianfeng Emperor, this architecture was ruined during war. The present Golden Temple was built in 1890 during the reign of Guanxu in Qing dynasty. 250 tons of solid bronze was used to rebuild it. Now, Golden Temple is under good protection. During the past decades, the vicinity of Golden Temple has undergone significant transformations, qualifying Golden Temple as a top tourism destination. The Kunming Botanic Garden constructed from 1983 to 1991 is distinguished by the most complete and eye-dazzling flowers, while the Bell Tower built in 1983 which shelters the giant bell of Ming dynasty, offers splendid bird's-eye view. The way to Golden Temple is blessed with poetic beauty. Flanked by towering trees, you can walk under the green canopy, breathing in the most fresh air mingled with the fragrance of blossoms and listening to the twittering of birds. A perfect summer resort and holiday escape it is.

 Bell Tower offers birds'-eye view of Kunming

 the 560 years old bell in Golden Palace Scenic Site

 kunming-golden-temple-architecture golden-temple-taihe-palace

Gate of Lucky among the Lush forest

 Taihe Palace(Ultimate Harmony Palace)

Travel Tips of Golden Temple 

Transportation: It is accessible by Bus 10 and 71. Alterative approaches include taxi or cableway from botanic garden.

Admission Fee: 15RMB

Operation Hour: 7:00 am to 19:00pm.

Accommodation: You can eat within this scenic spot and live in the Yeyahu Lake( Wild Duck Lake) Resort Village. Horse viecle is available from Gold Temple to this resort village, covering a distance of 5km.

a winding path interweaved with three "Heavenly Gate" leads to Golden Temple

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