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Jingkou Village ---- a Primitive Rustic Clachan in Yunnan


Jingkou Village, a primitive and exactly unindustrialized countryside area preserves well the long-standing customs, which is deadly hard to be found in urban cities.

There are a large number of terraces. On the terraces, many original villages are established. Jingkou Village is a typical representative of these villages. In Jingkou Villagem you can not find the imprint of industrialized civilization; on the contrary, it thoroughly shows the outcome of agricultural civilization. If you want to summarize your impression on this small village, two words are good enough: primitiveness for environment and un-sophistication for villagers.


 Kunming Jingkou Village is famous for its primitive lifestyle and terraced rice fields with breathtaking beauty

The paths of the village are paved by those natural stones directly from environment. They experience many years and see the change of time as well as the local’s unchanged life on terrace. The earth-made houses on the both of paths are well ranked, and the round straw housetop looks like a big mushroom. The village is backing on the mountains, and the village paths are up and down. The houses are partially built together in different group. They seem to be some clusters of mushrooms. These called mushroom houses are the residences of Hani people, which are comprised of earth-made walls, bamboo or wood frameworks and straw housetops. There are also several kinds of housetops, some are flat, some are double sloped and some have four-sloped sides. Generally, the houses are composed of three stories. The ground floor for keeping cattle, horses and agricultural tools; the second floor is paved by wood, which is divided into three rooms. The middle room is used for guest treatment, the other two for living. The top floor is covered with soil for water resistance and object store. 




The spectacular rice-paddy terracing here has been cultivated by the Hani People for 1300 years. A quote from their apply for UNESCO heritage in 2008:" Hani people have created fantastic and perfect land art of vast terraced fields in the heritage site. Integrating the terraced fields into the unique landform, forests and plant covers, valleys and streams and other natural landscapes they have developed a unique masterpiece of ethnic art which has organically fused the ethnical art, landscape art and agricultural techniques."

Mushroom houses are typically local. They have the functions of warmth-keeping, cold-resistance, fire-proof and cool-enjoying. Because Hani people mostly live in the mountainside or on the mountains and the air is much too humid, besides it is cool. Generally, their residences are lower than other peoples’ residences. The doors and windows are relatively small. There was a year-long firing pool, and above the firing pool, a hanging bamboo netting used for food-baking and object-storing. This kind of mushroom houses as the oldest folk residences are still used up to now.

The local people are kind-hearted. They do not like other money-making people. They are simple and honest. They are kind-hearted and hospitable. Some people may sell the eggs for family living, but they do not earn money in this way. As the local food, GuoqiaomiXian perhaps is most delicious. Their reception dinner is very impressive, which is a long-street banquet in the open air to welcome the outside guests. The cuisines are 100 percent cooked by villagers. Usually some Hani girls would wear their gala dress to toast these guests one by one; meanwhile they also sing the local songs.

By the way, Jingkou village is a reconstructed one. There is a small local museum for Hani culture preservation. At ten-day interval, there is a small fair. It is also very featured and impressive



Photos of Kunming Yuanyang Jingkou Village


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