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Alu Ancient Cave

Hailing 5km from Luxi County and 200km from Kunming hides a giant Karst cave, Alu Ancient Cave(阿庐古洞), one of the biggest natural cave in Asia. To highlight its significance, a saying goes like this: “above there is Stone Forest, under the earth, Alu Ancient Cave”. In Yi language, it means “tigers’ cave which facing a spacious meadow”. During Song and Yuan dynasties, it was a haven for the Alu Tribe.
alu ancient cave

Zigzagging its way for over 3000m, Alu Ancient Cave is a wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites. The ever-changing multi-colored artificial lighting system enhances these limestone formations' peculiar charm, surreal beauty and evokes a sense of mystery.
alu anceint cave
Alu Ancient Cave is a maze  of crisscrossing caves and mysterious underground rivers, among which, Luyuan Cave, Yuzhu Cave and Yusun River stand out as the most notable parts. However, cave adventure is the whole story. In this area, you will also be spellbound by the colorful tribe culture of Yi people and Hani people, the former are famous for Torch Festival and the latter are renowned for rice terraces, mushroom houses, colorful dances and bewitching festivals like Hani New Year.
alu ancient cave

With caverns splitting into hall-style, palace-style and gorge-style, Alu Cave encompasses almost all the karst cave formations on earth. Seen separately, each limestone formation is a piece of art with unmatched exquisiteness, view as a whole, an awe-inspiring fairyland is formed, whose sheer size and splendor are just breathtaking.

Roaming leisurely around, you will find each step will reveal a new vista ahead.
alu ancient cave

What to see

>>>Three Treasures of Alu Ancient Cave: transparent fish, helictite and Eguan stalactites(the primitive form of stalactites, which grows out of the dome of the cavern. It is regular-shaped from the base to the tip and is hollow. If the cave’s interior is clean, creamy white Eguan stalactites will be produced.)
 alu cave transparent fish
 Transparent Fish
eguan helictite
Eguan Stalactites

>>>Luyuan Cave: deriving its name from a spring gurgling out from the southeast corner of a hill, Luyuan Cave has been favored by ancient scholars as “wonderland” and “natural stone chamer”. At 700m long, it is made of over ten caves of different shapes and sizes. Centered on a narrow corridor, these caves spread out randomly. Though one can derive endless fun through cave adventure, but it is not for the faint-hearted and a guide is necessary.
alu ancient cave

>>>Yuzhu Cave: at over 800m long, Yuzhu Cave also contains over ten subterranean caverns. Among them, the biggest one spans over 30m wide and 70m long.
alu ancient cave

>>>Yusun River
: this subterranean river connects Luyuan Cave and Yuzhu Cave. One of the highlights of your stay here is to cruise along this river with very cheap price. Flanked by limestone formations which will stir your widest fantasy and challenge the limit of your imagination, Yusun River has another surprise: the famed transparent fish unique to this cave. Legend had it that once an immortal ate a course of dish here and dumped the bones into the river. To his surprise, these bones were transformed into lively fish miraculously. What is more bizarre is that their bodies are transparent.
Alu Ancient Cave Park: this park mirrors the seamless blend of Yi ethnic culture with traditional Chinese gardening. Along the picturesque hills and lakes, altars, divination avenues, totem pillars, sculptures and squares spread out. If you cannot make it to Yiren Ancient Town, this will be a nice alternative to sample Yi culture and daily life. As to outdoor activities, you can join in golf, hunting and picking fruits.
alu ancient cave park
alu ancient cave park
Alu Ancient Cave Park

Travel guide
Admission Fee: 91¥
Opening period: 8:30-18:00
Best Travel Season: March to November
alu ancient cave
Author: Sophia   Posted on May 16, 2013
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