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Dongchuan Red Land, Nature's Magic Palette

Located in Xintian Township(新田乡), 40km southwest of Dongchuan District, Kunming City, Dongchuan Red Land is another sensational discovery in Yunnan, just like Stone Forest, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Yuanmou Earth Forest and Chengjiang Fossil Site. Elevated from 1800m to 2600m, the scenery in Dongchuan Red Land will leave most breathless as the sheer beauty of the hills, the statuesque lines and the vibrancy of the colors defy explanation. Here, the bustling clamor of Kunming city will recede and the emerald green forest will give way to rolling hills topped with rice paddies and crop fields.
dongchuan red land
 Located in Kunming, Dongchuan Red Land is famous for the incredible bursting colors. The undulating and rolling hills adopt rainbow colors, which win it the name: Nature's Magic Palette.
 Lacking of arable land, local people plant whatever crops which can survive such unfriendly barren earth, such as Brassica napus and wheat. Serving as locals’ stable diet, they contribute a lot to sustain the fragile eco-system and bring out the unmatched glamorous beauty.
Dongchuan Red Land
 To enjoy the beauty of Dongchuan Red Land, time and place really matter. September to December will see the beauty of Dongchuan Red Land culminate. At that time, the red land will be carpeted with rape, potatoes and buckwheat, while the sparsely populated villages will be enveloped by colorful trees. From January to February, wheat will sprout and thrive. The crescent-shaped shimmering rice paddies will mirror the blue sky and the drifting clouds, which are very intoxicating. If you cannot make it from September to February, do not feel upset. May to June will do. For it is the flowering period and harvest season for Brassica napus and wheat respectively. Interspersed with patches of green, purple red, light yellow and golden yellow, Dongchuan Red Land will testify to its enduring fame as “Nature’s Heavenly Palette”.
The surreal and tempting beauty of this place finally tugs at people’s heartstrings. Photographers and backpackers fumble their way into this less visited site, which is so remote that GPS fails to give decent data, and the slightest miscalculation can result in lost amid the vast wildness; hence, it is no surprise that from time to time, some unlucky souls will go astray.
Dongchuan Red Land

Highlights of Dongchuan Red Land

A constellation of picturesque sites is densely distributed here, which include Luoxiagou,Shuipingzi, Luosigou(Snail Bay) and Qicaipo, etc.
dongchuan red land
Luoxiagou( Falling Clouds Ditch,落霞沟): As a low land encircled by hills, it stands out as the quintessential part of this area. Vivid and rich colors with the most subtle shades abound here, when coupled with the changing light, a mirage is created.

Damakan Village(打马坎): It is the best site to take some spectacular sunrise photos. You can also immortalize the tranquil village against the idyllic surroundings here. If lucky, you can also capture the early glowing except for the dreamy sunrise. Notice that you need to get up early (5:30am) due to the long distance.

Waliangfangzi(瓦梁房子): It is the best place to enjoy the sunset and evening glow. It also offers stunning panoramic view of the surroundings.

Shuipingzi(水平子): It featuring endless layers of rice terraces, among which one resembles one Pipa(an ancient music instrument). Though a little far, it well deserves a visit.

Qicaipo(Seven Color Slope七彩坡): you can see the aged giant tree here, which serves as a landmark and a totem meanwhile. Rumors have it that sprouts once bursted out from the withered trucks. Local people often offer sacrifices to this divine tree, praying for luck and health.
dongchuan red land
Insiders’ tips:

Get in: Option one: take a bus from Kunming to Dongchuan(165km), then transfer from Dongchuan to Dongchuan Red Land(88km). Road condition is good, and you can enjoy the scenery during the way.
Option two: take the bus from Kungming to Fazhe(法者), then get off at Huashitou Village(花石头村). Road is bumpy and over 6 hours are needed.
dongchuan red land
Accommodation If you cannot bear hotels without modern comforts, then spend the night in Kunming. If the relaxing countryside life appeals to you, then pick a local hotel. The fresh air, starry sky, soothing environment, the chorus of birds and frogs in summer nights as well as mouth-watering local specialty dishes will make up for everything. What is better, you can watch sunset, sunrise and take time to explore the landscape as well as to capture really awesome moments here.

Weather It is windy here. Temperature varies dramatically during day and night. Hence, a long shirt in summer and warm coat in winter are necessary. Besides, you had better bring one pair of comfortable shoes and sun screen.
dongchuan red land
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