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Baisha Ancient Town: the Eternal Hometown of Naix People

As we know, the Old Town of Lijiang comprises three complementary parts: Baisha Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town and Danyan Ancient Town. Baisha Ancient Town and Shuhe Ancient Town are the predecessor and miniature of Dayan Ancient Town respectively.

Situated 10km north of the Old Town of Lijiang, Baisha Ancient Town is known for the enchanting murals, well-preserved folk residences and authentic lifestyle of Naxi people. Unlike its counterparts such as Lijiang or Shuhe which slowly fall victim to commerce, Baisha stays true to its past, character and original look. Mural and Baisha Fine Music, the remnants of the primitive Naxi culture, still sparkle here.

Baisha Ancient Town: the eternal homeland and spiritual sanctuary of Naxi people

It is not difficult for us to understand why Naxi people cherish such deep and tender compassion towards Baisha Ancient Town, for it is their eternal homeland and spiritual sanctuary.

Baisha Ancient Town has its ups and downs, which is largely associated with the Mu Clan who reigned Lijiang for 470 years from Yuan, Ming to Qing dynasties. As early as Tang dynasty, when Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was honored as a divine mountain and entitled as Beiyue, Baisha Ancient Town began to take form, with houses, monasteries and laneways built on a large-scale under the guide of Mu Clan.
baisha ancient town
Though pale in comparison to the Old Town of Lijiang, Baisha Ancient Town is a place to sample authentic and original flavor Naxi people's everyday life

During Song and Yuan, Baisha Ancient Town became the political, economic, military and artistic hub in southwest China, while Mu Clan flourished into the most powerful local influence in Lijiang. The early years of Yuan dynasty saw the power shifted from Baisha to Dayan(the core area of the Old Town of Lijiang), however, the prefecture of Mu remained in Baisha. According to the much-traveled experts, the unassuming Baisha Ancient Town is the best-preserved and most typical Naxi village you can set a foot on today.
baisha ancient town

Batik and tie-dye fabric and clothes are very famous local specialties

Layout : Baisha Ancient Town spreads out along a north-south axis, with Sifangjie( a terraced sqare) in the center. On the two sides of Sifangjie, quaint residences, shops radiate and fit into the surroundings perfectly. The folk residences are well-preserved, with some of them restored into bars, cafes and theme boutique shops. The gurgling watercourse is a common sight, which lends a vibrant air to the serene setting.
baisha ancient town

 A glimpse of the courtyard of Naxi People

Main Attractions: In the heart area of Baisha Ancient Town is the architecture complex include Dabaoji Palace, Dading Pavilion, Wenchang Pallace and Liuli Hall, which harbor a wealth of murals.

What to do in Baisha Ancient Town :

Walk along the alleys leisurely to enjoy the intact Naix folk residences and family-style batik workshops
lijiang baisha ancient townlijiang baisha ancient town

Enjoy the Baisha Mural: the painting of Baisha mural began in Ming dynasty(1368-1644) and lasted for over 300 years. The end of Ming dynasty and the early stage of Qing dynasty was the heyday of Baisha Mural, which ages more than 500 years. 
baisha mural

Baisha Mural

Visit Doctor He’s clinic

Baisha Old Town is a line of poetry polished by the time. Unlike the a little touristy Dayan and Shuhe, Baisha Old Town stays true to its past and character, so do its dwellers.
Travel Tips

10km north of the Old Town of Lijiang. It greets Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the north, Longquan in the south, Yizhi Hill in the south.
baisha ancient town

Best Trave Season: all year around, notice it can be a little windy during autumn

Get in

the Old Town of Lijiang to Baisha Fee: 40RMB
        Bike: rent a bike in Lijiang, cycle along Lijiang, Shuhe and finally Baisha
        Mini-bus: take it from Jinjia Market(金甲市场) Fee: 5RMB.
baisha ancient town

 Locals play Baisha Fine Music, which is part of Naxi Ancient Music

Accommodation: stay in hotels in Shuhe Ancient Town (peak season: 120-150RMB peak season:150-260RMB)
baisha ancient town

Grand Ceremony (Kai Dadian 开大典): in the 20th day of the first lunar month, various ethnic groups will gather along the Baisha Street to worship their gods.
baisha ancient town
 baisha old town
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