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Lijiang Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake, the mother lake of Mosuo people, is renowned for dreamy scenery, unique Walking Marriage Custom and matriarchal culture. In this magical land women rules. There is no marriage, people establish a sincere relationship based on true love and when it dies, they can end it easily and freely. Thus, it is called the kingdom of love.

Lige Island(里格岛)

Outlined by undulating mountains, Lugu Lake features poetic silhouette. Five islands and three peninsulas float among the vast stretch of crystal blue water which glistens under sunshine. Seen afar, these isolated islands resemble emerald diamonds. Seventeen white clean beaches stretch into the horizon, serving as ideal vacation resorts. Thick forests nurture rich and diversified flora and fauna species. Either hike or paddle, you will be bewitched by its striking charm. The enchanting love songs will resonate among the mountains, break the eternal tranquility reigning here and stir the strings of your heart. Completed by the lively tribe dance, mouth-watering local food, romantic and mysterious Walking Marriage custom, you will enjoy this lost Shangri-La far away from the civilized world to your heart’s content.


Liwubi Island(里无比岛)

Heiwawu Island(黑瓦吾岛), Liwubi Island(里无比岛) and Lige Island(里格岛), three most attractive islands, are paradises for man and wild animals. 2500m from Luoshui Village, Heiwawu Island is a haven for birds and wild animals such as wild duck. The famous adventurer J F Rock, once dwelled on this island for as long as 20 years. In his diary, he mentioned that dominated by fabulous serenity, Lugu Lake is so peaceful, solemn and sacred that it is the last masterpiece of God and a dwelling place for Immortals. To memorize this great adventurer, a hiking route is named after him.
Main Scenic Spots in Lugu Lake

Grass Wetland and little Grass Wetland

Embedded into the east area of Lugu Lake, over 1000 hectares of Grass Wetland stretches all the way to mountain foot and harbors 37 kinds of water plants, 42 kinds of rare birds and animals as well as 11 kinds of aquatics include fish, shrimp, shell and frog. The interspaces of thick reed forest are occupied by a network of waterways. Pretty Mosuo girls in red shirts and white dress will row boats, gliding along gracefully and singing the intoxicating folk songs. Little Grass Wetland(小草海) is smaller in scale, and each autumn and winter will witness birds flying here and living harmoniously with Mosuo people. A quiet and undisturbed pure land it is. Above Grass Wetland, Walking Marriage Bridge(走婚桥) spans over 300 meters and connects villages on both sides. Mosuo people will visit their lover secretly during night by crossing this bridge. Thus, it lives up to the fame as the lover bridge. Along Grass Wetland, there is a Bon religion (the oldest Tibetan Buddhism) temple, Black Lama Temple(黑喇嘛寺). Grand religion events will be staged here. Xiao Shuming, the wife of a local ruler titled as Tusi, will share her legendary life experience with you.

Boao Island(Queen Island,博凹岛): It is left to Grass Wetland, and harbors a luxurious mansion built by the one Tusi (the title of the highest local ruler) for his beautiful wife named Xiao Shuming. Now, the Tusi has passed away, together with his kingdom and the beautiful lady is at her old age. Strolling along the ruins of this island, one will sink into deep thoughts and the nostalgia feelings will arise. Houlong Mountain Island(后龙山) is a long island slides into the heart of Lugu Lake 4km long. According to Mosuo myth, it is the incarnation of a male Mountain God, the lover of Gemu Divine Mountain. They echo each other in daytime and pratice the Walking Marriage custom in night. This island offers splendid view of Grass Wetland and Lianghai(the deeper water area of Lugu Lake).

Boao Island(Queen Island,博凹岛)

Zhawoluo Dock
(扎窝洛码头): Mosuo tribe village hides among the remote area of Grass Wetland. You can get on boat from Zhawoluo Dock, passing the vast green Grass Wetland and entering into Liang hai(the deep water area of Lugu Lake). After reaching Boao Island(Queen Island博凹岛), you can land in Luowa Village. This is the most popular route when tour Lugu Lake.

Among the several bays in Lugu Lake, Boao Bay(博凹湾) which sits between Luowa Peninsula and Boao Peninsula, is the most beautiful one. A unique aquatic plant dominates the lake bed, and its tiny white flowers will float aloof and sparkle like stars. The slope of this bay is covered with luxuriant trees. Among them, two pine trees are most remarkable. Their twigs interweave and form an archway, and this odd phenomenon lends them the fame as “Lover Tree”. Under the canopy of these trees, eye-dazzling flowers are in full blossom, filling the air with the perfume of Arabian. No matter tour this bay by boating or horse-riding, you will feel relaxed and intoxicated. Niaojuehu Bay(鸟觉湖湾) with numerous grotesque golden stones with delicate patterns, is very poetic and unique. While Wakuahu Bay(洼垮湖湾) boats broad vision and you will see Gemu Divine Mountain, Annae Island and Ten-Li Sand Bank here. Along this bay, more than 10 colorful boats float idly, bringing much charm to this serene paradise. Dazuhu Bay(达祖湖湾) nestles at the foot of Gemu Divine Mountain, guarding a well-preserved Naxi village nearby.

 Boao Bay: the most beautiful bay of Lugu Lake

 Tiny flowers float on water surface in Boao Bay

 Niaojuehu Bay

 Wakuahu Bay boasts broad vision

At an elevation of 3754m, Gemu Divine Mountain(格姆女神山) is the highest one around Lugu Lake. By Mosuo myth, it is the incarnation of Gemu Goddess. Only by ascending to its peak, can you gain a breath-taking bird’s-eye view of Lugu Lake. During the Zhuanshan Festival, Moshuo people will visit this mountain and sing the songs to praise the Divine Mountain.
Gemu Divine Mountain

A chain of villages scatter along Lugu Lake, among them Xiao Luo Shui Village(小落水村) worthy of recommendation. Xiao Luo Shui Village sits in the north area of lugu Lake. The road splits into two here, one leading to Yunnan, and the other leading to Sichuan province. No matter in Yunnan or Sichuan, it is the most remote village, a lost Shangri-la hidden among the deep valleys. Enfolded by mountains on three sides, this ancient and primitive village faces Lugu Lake, notable for its remoteness, undisturbed tranquility, primitive life style, ancient residences, and well-preserved customs. Mountains form natural barriers which shield away the cold wind and help to preserve the most original lifestyle here. Lugu Lake at this area forms a curve, the bank of it is fringed with reeds. One you experience the romantic feeling by paddling among the thick reeds and get lost in this beautiful place.
Xiao Luo Shui Village has only 24 residences. You can experience the original flavor Mosuo people's life here.  A place no one can find you...

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