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Tangan Dong Ethnic Eco-Museum

Located 80km from Liping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Tangan Dong Ethnic Eco-Museum (also known as Tangan Dong Village堂安侗寨) with captivating scenery and well-preserved Dong culture, is a tempting place for intrepid travelers.
It is a place to soak in the inviting rice terraces, quaint stilt houses, intact drum towers, covered bridges, opera stages, ancient tomb clusters, unique stone wells, water wheels, looms and oil extracting mills. Over 800 villagers from around 180 households call this haven home during the past 700 years.
tangan dong village

Constructed in 1999 under the joint effort of a Norwegian and the local government, Tangan Dong Ethnic Eco-Museum is a fine example of man and nature live in harmony. The village is the museum and vice verso. It is one of the four eco-museums in Guizhou. (The term “Eco-Museum” originates from France and advocates that cultural heritage should be preserved and inherited in its original community.)
tangan dong village

Tangan Dong Ethnic Eco-Museum is sandwiched between the luxuriant forest above and sprawling rice terraces at its foot. Early morning or rainy days will see it get lost amid layers of white clouds and mist like an abode of immortals. Birds and wildlife live share this retreat with Dong villagers merrily also. One interesting phenomenon here is that water here is so sweet and fresh that people will trek long distance to fetch it here. Elevated at such an attitude, villagers treasure water like gold and invent a special way to get the best out of it. Folk residences here are three-story wonders, which cling to the steep slopes neatly and breathe full of quaint, timeworn and charming flavor.
tangan dong village


Drum Tower, Wind-Rain Bridge and Kam Grand Choirs, collectively known as “Three Treasures of Dong People”, can be experienced here. Dong architectures are wooden stone engineering marvels, which do not use a single snail or rivet. Drum Tower, the highest architecture in a Dong village, enjoys unrivaled status. It is Dong people's  spiritual anchor and the hub of activities. They gather here to discuss important issues, gossip and practice folk songs. In Zhaoxing Dong Village, you will see five drums towers.
tangan dong village
tangan dong village
tangan dong village

Wind-Rain Bridges

Serving as shelter from gales and rainstorms, these covered bridges decorated with auspicious carvings and paintings evoke the image of dragons, a mystical animal in charge of rain and good harvest. They also serve as the romantic dating sites where young Dong girls and lads find their soul mates. During tranquil moon night, they will gather here, girls will do the embroidery work and challenge these young men to sing.
tangan dong village

Rice Terraces

During your way from Zhaoxing to Tangan, you will be spellbound by the spectacular rice terraces. With banks strengthened by stones, Rice terraces in Tangan differ with those in Yuanyang, Longsheng and Jingkou Village of Red River Area of Yunnan. Hence, you can see the Dong style “Great Wall” here.
There is a 150m-long and 5m-high “Great Wall” built during Qing Dynasty (1636-1911) by a sorcerer, who spent 12 years in the mountain and carried all the stones from the valleys to the waist of the hill. When all was done, he was 73-year-old. Except for drum towers, opera stages, wind-rain bridges, wells and rice terraces, many iconic symbols representing agrarian culture abound here, such as rice stands, barns, water wheels, mills, oil extracting workshops, fish ponds and Satang Hall (Ancestral Worship Hall). Besides, ancient opera stages also worthy of a stopover. Though outshone by drum towers, opera stages do have their own appeal.
tangan dong village

Travel Guide

Exact Location: Tangan Dong Village, 7km from Zhaoxing Township, Liping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, China

Get in: Take a bus heading from Liping to Shuikou Town in Zhaoxing Fee:1.5RMB Time needed: 20 minutes (After getting off, you need to hike for 30 minutes )

From Zhaoxing to Tangan

1 take the short-cut by walking along the rice paddies
2 take a bus and get off during the middle way, take the path in the right and walk for 1km
3 hire a motorcycle, single trip: 20 RMB Round-trip: 30 RMB

Make it Happen

Guizhou’s landscape is rugged and locals seldom speak English, to save all the time and trouble, you can contact and our travel experts will tailor-design a trip for you.
tangan dong village
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