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Lushan Mountain- A World Heritage & Geopark Site


First Impression of Mt Lushan

1 The Kingdom of Egrets, bird-watching fans’ good destination; photographers and painters’ top choice; Hot Spring Spa Site;

2 Together with Mt Rooster(鸡公山),Beidai River(北戴河), Mt Moganshan(莫干山), they are top four summer resort in China

3 it witnessed many critical turning points of Chinese history such as Lushan Meeting; 

4 Its cultural and historical relics echo Chinese people’s mind and stirs the string of their heart. Both as the world heritages, Mt Taishan is created by emperors, while Mt Lushan is created by brilliant poets and literary masters, it is  adorned and popularized by writers, scholars and poets since ancient times;


5 In 1996, one UNESCO’s expert remarked: "with its peculiar style in historic remains, which is melted with remarkable natural beauty, Mt Lushan has formed a highly-aesthetically-valued cultural view closely relevant to the spirit of the Chinese people and their cultural life and no other mountains under heaven can surpass it, the magnificent mountain rises upright out of the lakes and rivers.” 

6 It is the first batch of national key scenic spots,  top-ten famous mountains in China; 

7 it is a place where ancient greets modern and oriental shakes hands with occidental: ancient western style villas co-exist with Buddha Temples, Daoism monasteries, Islam mosques, Christian churches. 


 Xiufeng Peak among Sea of Clouds


 Towering Peaks

 Grotesque and Steep Rocks


General Introduction

Situated in Jiangxi Province(115°52'-116°08E'29°26-29°41'N), the 500 km2 Lushan World Geopark is renowned for towering peaks, harmonious co-existence of religions, picturesque waterscapes, ice age relics, 636 villas fashioned after 17 western countries’ architecture styles, profound cultural and political background, numerous poetries, essays, paintings, inscriptions which make Mt Lushan breathes vigorous cultural and philosophical flavor. It is poetic, inspiring and robust, with strong touch of humanities.

In 1996 it was ratified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and in 2004 it was enlisted into the first batch of World Geopark in China. In 2005, two international agents were set up in Mt Lushan, and it is the rare, if not only mountain which enjoys the reputation as “World Heritage Site” and “World Geopark” meanwhile. A total of 171 mountains, 20 valleys, 16 caves, 22 unique stones, 22 rainfalls, 18 streams and 14 lakes as well as pools compose the splendid picture of Lushan World Geopark.

Esteemed for its magnitude, grandness, steepness and beauty, the oval-shaped 25 km long and 10 km wide Mt Lushan shelters more than 90 peaks, among which the 1474 meters high Dahanyang Peak is its main peak. This famous historical and cultural mountain has strong political background also: it is closely linked with Kuomintang under the leadership of former leader, Jiang Kai-shek, and Chairman Mao, the leader of China’s Communist Party. 




 Sea of Clouds in Big Heaven Pool(大天池): Mt Lushan, a poetry composed by lines of mountains and rivers, a giant landscape painting with ever-changing content, a fairyland with enchanting beauty during four seasons

  Lushan World Geopark in Spring: spring flowers, summer clouds, autumn leave and winter snows find the fullest expression here.


 Dragon Head Cliff's Natural Bridge

Tengwang Pavilion


 Red panda

 Dragonhead Cliff: ideal site to see sunset and sea of clouds


Cultural Content and Historical Value of Lushan World Geopark 



Religious cultureLushan World Geopark embraces six religions: Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Christian, and Catholic, ect. The co-existence of Buddha temples, Daoism monasteries, churches and mosques brings much color to it.
Academy CultureAcademy of White Deer, one of Top Four Academy in China, embodying the essence philosophy of Zhuxi, the greatest master of the Neo-Confucianism in Song and Ming Dynasties, who preached rationality as the essential regulation of human. Over 157 stele inscriptions and 57 inscriptions along cliffs remain intact today, emitting strong cultural flavor.
Villa Cultureduring early 20th century, many missionaries and business men from 17 countries thronged into Mt Lushan and constructed various villas, among them, 636 villas remain intact today. Some nestle among forest, some overlook the cliffs, you will feel like step into a villa museum. These architectures have significant status in world architecture history.
Scientific CultureMt Lushan boasts numerous Quaternary Glacier relics, and is the born place of the concept of quaternary glacier age. A rare and enduring argument on the Quaternary Glacier in Mt Lushan still remains unsettled, which triggers many scientists to unveil the truth. Botanic Garden and Mt Lushan Museum were constructed to enlighten people and help them to gain insight of this geopark.
Historical ValueThe elegance and mystery of Mt Lushan lures numerous literary masters, artists, calligraphers, painters, monks, philosophers, Taoists, missionaries, political leaders from all over the world since ancient times. Over 1500 famous scientists, philosophers and literary masters include Tao Yuanming, Li Po, Bai Juyi, Su Dongpo, Wang Anshi, Lu Fangweng, Huangtingjian, Zhu Xi, Hu Shi, and Guo Moruo have visited Mt Lushan and created over 16000 poetry masterpieces as well as 1000 academic essays and paintings to eulogize its beauty, which instill profound cultural, religious and philosophical content into its enchanting landscape, and bestow every scenic site here with life and soul. For instance, mountain-water culture (landscape culture), an important part of Chinese traditional culture, is highlighted here, it is also the born place of pastoral poetry initiated by Poet Tao Yuanming(365AD-427AD). Gu Kaizi(348AD-409AD), a painting master of Eastern Jin Dynasty, created the Mt Lushan Painting masterpiece, which is the first solely themed landscape painting in China, and the innovative theory he put forward that to capture the spirit of objects outweighs to depict their forms accurately exerted strong influence to successive painters. The recent painter master,Zhang Daqian, also left several masterpieces relating to Lushan World Geopark.
Political SignificanceActually, in modern china, it was added the features of politics. Tens of thousands of western style villas built by Britain, Russia, America, France and so on, which represents the western culture invasion, during 1930, it became the summer capital of Nanjing Kuomintang Government. The former residence of Mrs. Jiangs is kept well on the mountain. In 1937, Chou Enlai on behalf of CPC negotiated with Jiang Kai-shek and later released the important speech of anti-Japanese. After the foundation of People’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao mounted up to Lushan Mountain and hosted three center-governmental meetings. Historically, they were called Lushan Meeting, Famous general of Communist Party of China; Peng Dehuai was deadly condemned here,due to his maintenance of right viewpoint. Latterly, he was dismissed to be the defense minister




Zhang Daqian's Masterpieces related to Lushan World Geopark



Geological Feature of Lushan World Geopark


By now, over 100 glacier geological relic sites are spotted here, which illustrate the formation of glacier landform in an all-round and detailed way. It shares many similarities with Alps and North American area’s quaternary glacier landform, and has significant scientific study value. On the south ridge of Mt Lushan, scientists found the outcropped stratum which can be traced back 2.5billion to 1.8 billion years ago.


comprehensive geomorphologyLushan World Geopark has comprehensive geomorphology, it combines Fault-block Mountain Tectonic Geomorphology Landform, Glacier Erosion Landform and Water Erosion Landform together.

Tectonic movement, glacier erosion and water erosion shape the outlook of Mt Lushan today. Complemented by various fauna & flora species and thick vegetation, Mt Lushan lives up to its name as a world geopark and a top geotourism destination featuring magnificent, grotesque, delicate and enthralling beauty and rich cultural content.

During Himalayan uplifting process, a serial of imposing mountains emerged in this geopark and were re-shaped during the Quartery Glacier Age three million years later. Glacier erosion landforms such as U-shaped valley and steep ridges prevailed since then. Then, water erosion involved in the process 10 thousand years later, and the breathtaking scenery featuring imposing cliff clusters, plenty of waterfalls, deep and winding valleys came into its own.
Tectonic Erosion LandformThe outer area of Mt Lushan's west ridge features tectonic erosion landform similar to that of Zhangjiajie: low lands are formed in the anticline area and soaring peaks as well as steep ridges are formed in syncline area. Glutenite of Devonian period (400million to 360millions years ago) constitutes the main peaks.
Piled-up Sand LandformA serial of low sand dunes scatter around the Poyang Lake and south bank of Yangtze river, among them, Mt Shalingshan(沙岭山) and Laoyemiao Temple(老爷庙) are the representative ones. They were the river bedding's sediments once, which were blown by gales to the river bank's slopes, day in and day out, they piled up and formed this unique desert landform.


The Three Cascade Waterfall(三叠泉)

Love in Lushan Mountain

There is also a famous attraction. Lushan Cinema with the most movie-playing times all around the world is the most special and particular cinema, because it plays the same movie everyday without any change in the past. The name of movie is Love in Lushan Mountain, in Pinying, Lushanlian. It is the only movie that plays most and has most audiences. It is also the only one for non-stop playing all around the world. In 2002, Guinness organization of British Headquarters officially awarded Chinese movie, Lushanlian to be the film that has the longest time for non-stop playing in the same cinema in the world.


Love in Lushan Mountain :the only non-stop playing movie all around the world




Mt Lushan has a wood coverage rate of 76.6%, and it shelters more than 3000 plants, 2000 insects, 170 birds and 37 animals. Under the foot of it lies a bird reservation called the Crane Kingdom.


Lushan Maofeng Tea: the taste of Mt Lushan

Bird Watching


 Hot Spring Spa: relax your body and purify your soul

Romantic moment: watch sunset in Poyang Lake




Travel Tips

1 Set off from urban area of Jiujiang city, you will reach the foot of the mountain in a hour. But more time will be spent on climbing the mountain with winding paths, it will be a memorable hiking experience. Prepare some medicine, if necessary.

2 Generally, one day time is needed to tour Mt Lushan, so you are advised to leave  hotel, cruises or hostels in the daybreak, remember bring umbrella, clothes, sports shoes and cameras.

3 Watch out the steep mountain paths, especially during the section of Jingxiu Valley, the path is narrow and hard to pass, but its landscape is the best section of Lushan Mountain.


4 It belongs to the subtropical eastern monsoon, with annual rainfall of 1017 millimeter, and there will be 191 foggy days in a year. The relative humidity annually is 78%, so you will feel comfortable. The average temperature is 16.9 Celsius degree from July to September. The highest temperature in summer is 32 Celsius degree. Thanks to its  natural environment, it is the excellent summer resort in China.


Meilu Villa: built in 1903 by Lord Seuo Reynolds and in 1948, Kiang Kaishek Song Meiling bought it. Mao Tsetong stayed here in 1959 and 1961 during the conferences of the central committee of the Chinese Community Party. Song Qingling, Guo Moruo and others Chinses leaders dwelled in this villa in successive years. it is one of the key national cultural relics.
Old Villa Bar
Located in the picturesque Lushan World Geopark,every villa here enjoys long history and is closed related to famous people.
 East Valley shelters a profusion of villas fashioned after 17 countries architecture styles and lives up to its name as "the museum of villas".No 9,Liangu Road
it was built after 1905, covering an area of 325 square meters.




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