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Yinken Resonant Sand Bay, Xiangshawan

In all over the world, there are more than 100 places where you can hear the sand sings. In China, there are 6 places, such as Yinken Resonant Sand Bay in Ordos, Mingsha Shan in Dunhuang as well as Mulei in Xinjiang. Yinkeng Resonant Sand Bay (briefed as Resonant Sand Bay or Xiangshawan银肯响沙湾) is nicknamed as the king.
yinken resonate sand bayyinken resonate sand bay
yinken resonate sand bayyinken resonate sand bay
yinken resonate sand bayyinken resonate sand bay

According to scientists, three geological conditions are necessary to foster this natural wonder: first, the sand dune must be giant and steep; second, the leeward side should be crescent-shaped and face the sun; third, there must be water originating from the foot of this sand dune and forming a pond. Besides, temperature and moisture in the air also matter. Hence, sunny days are favorable compared to rainy days.
yinken resonate sand bay

After you set foot on Resonate Sand Bay, you will feel like in Sahara. This vast dessert covering an area of 16000 km2 is interspersed with an ocean of sand dunes colonizing all the space till sky meets horizon. The good news is that this place is not deserted as it appears. As a first-class tourist center in north frontier China, it boasts the biggest number of camels, over 20 recreational activities as well as the first-class Mongolian troupet in China.
yinken resonate sand bay

Yinken means “eternity” and “Yinken Resonant Sand Bay” means “eternal sand dune with trumpet” in Mongolian language. Bordering Dalate Banner of Ordos to the north and Kubuqi Dessert to the west, it is only 50km from Baotou, China’s city of steel.
yinken resonate sand bay

Measuring 110 m high and 400 m across, the crescent-shaped Yinken Resonant Sand Bay is backed by Kubuqi Dessert. Its leeward side is exposed to the scorching sunshine all day long and it slope inclines at an angle of 45°. Two kilometers south of lies a lake surviving the harsh environment miraculously, whose crystal-clear water keeps gurgling out all year around and has saved many ware farers’ lives. Three kilometers west of this lake, a mountain projects out of the ground abruptly and harbors the famous Kubuqi Yinken Aobao. (Aobao is a pile of stones perched with poles decorated with prayer banners. It is the altar of the Mongolian people.)
yinken resonate sand bay

Blessed with all the crucial elements, Yinken Resonant Sand Bay will stage its magic as long as the sand is dry enough. All you need to do is to waken it up by sliding down and hear its fabulous singing. Depending on your weight, speed and weather conditions, the sand will entertainment you with whispering lullaby to thundering and even frightening roaring like numerous plans are hovering above. If you touch the sands gently, a voice resembling the quacking of frogs will be produced.
yinken resonate sand bay


(1) Ride a horse or camel to drink in the overwhelming dessert scenery

(2) Take a cable car and have an birds’ eye-view of this dessert as well as take amazing photos
yinken resonate sand bay

(3) Slide down from the sand dune and enjoy the symphony of nature

(4) Enjoy paragliding

(5) Appreciate the Ordos Wedding Ceremony performance, which is quite impressive
yinken resonate sand bay
yinken resonate sand bay
Ordos Wedding Ceremony Performance

(6) Singing, dancing, eating during the Bonfire party and make new friends
(7) In each September, Resonant Sand Bay Tourism Festival will kick off. Various activities including Mongolian Fashion Show, Desert Photography Contest, Carnival Night, Bonfire party and Treasure-Searching will be staged.
yinken resonate sand bay

Travel Tips

Fee: 80¥ Cableway: 80 ¥(return trip)

Entertainment Package: 190¥ (including sand-surfing vehicle, ride camel...)
yinken resonate sand bayyinken resonate sand bay
You can join our 5-Day Naadam Fair Tour or let customize a tour including Resonant Sand Bay. 
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