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Qibao Ancient Town

qibao shanghai
qibao water town
Qibao Ancient Town(七宝古镇) lying in western suburbs M inhang District(Shanghai) generally has a high fame in history and culture. There is an saying goes like this: if you want to see Shanghai in the past ten years, please go to Pudong New area; if you want to see Shanghai in the past hundred years, please go to the Bund; if you want to see Shanghai in the past thousand years, please go to Qibao Ancient Town.

Legend of Qibao:


The saying of seven treasures is very popular among the people: Feilai Buddha, Cuanlai Bell, Lotus Sutra, god tree, golden pheasant, jade axe, and jade chopstick.



Qibao(Qībǎo),literally, means seven treasures in English. Tracing the formation of it should back to Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period. This town with over 1000 years’ history developed from Northern Song Dynasty and bloomed in Ming and Qing Dynasty.
Famous litterateur Luji and Luyun in Jin Dynasty were born here. The later generations of Lu built an ancestral temple named Lubaoyuan in Mt. Lubaoshan for memorizing them. Years later, Lubaoan replaced the former name. When Emperor Qianliu cruised, he granted a treasure----Lotus Sutra to Lubaoan. Unfortunately, due to the flood, Lubaoan moved three times. In 1008, a new name Qibao temple was given to it by Emperor Songzhenzong. And this town eventually named after the temple.


Since Qibao is the nearest ancient water town to Shanghai, it is becoming the hottest choice for touring after Zhouzhuang ,Wuzhen and Xitang obviously. The good geography position, picturesque landscape, typical local customs and low level of consumption promote the reputation of this old town. Furthermore, the old street in the center of the town will greatly to widen your horizon.

What is fun:

Qibao Old Street

Qibao Alcohol Mill

Zhou Miniature shop

Qibao old street is famous for its diversity of snacks and the historical buildings. It could be divided into the northern and southern streets. Southern street features the local characteristic snack while the northern street is famous for its crafts and art works of tourism, curios, calligraphy and painting. It has been a prosperous street for leisure, tour, and shopping.     
As we all know, Qibao Daqu(hard liquor made with such yeast)is a very famous alcohol. Here, in this alcohol mill, you will see the whole process of brewing in a traditional way. Surely, you will satisfy with grading, drinking and knowing alcohol. 

What is the minimum miniature in Guinness Book of Records? You will lucky to get the answer in Zhou Miniature shop. Both the father and daughter are sculptors with outstanding skills.

 What to eat:

qibao water townqibao water town

pork cooked with fermented  glutinous rice

mutton cooked with soy sauce        Spring Roll


Take metro line 9 and get off at Qibao sation.

shanghai qibao water town


shanghai qibao water town



shanghai qibao water town


shanghai qibao water town


shanghai qibao water town

shanghai qibao water town



shanghai qibao water town


shanghai qibao water town

Author: Christina  Aug 25,2011

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