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Jinmao Building






In the early period of 1999, a 420.5-meter building with 88 floors was erected along the famous Bund which is considered as the symbol of the city and the second tallest building now in Shanghai. This building is called the Jinmao Building(Jinmao Tower, 金茂大厦) that covers 2.3 hectares with a total area of 290,000 square meters. This building is a modernized office building and a luxurious five-star hotel that offers the service of business exhibitions, high-level banquets, amusements,sightseeings and shopping. It features China's traditional culture and western-style architecture ideas. It is the most comfortable and flexible place for handling business, finance, trade, amusement, and restaurants.
Jin Mao Building is located at the mouth of the tube of East Yan'an Road in Pudong New District. It is situated at the core of Pudong New Area, Lujiazui finance and trade zone. The prosperous Pudong New District is to the east of the building. You could appreciate the beautiful scenery of Shanghai and Huangpu River to the west. There is a central greenbelt covering 100,000 square meters to the north and is surrounded by advanced and convenient road networks; the tube across Huangpu River and No.2 subway are both available. It only takes 2 minutes to get to the most prosperous center of Puxi Area from Jinmao Building.

The design company of Jin Mao Building is the famous SOM design office in Chicago. The designers skillfully integrated the latest architectural idea in the world with Chinese traditional style and successfully designed this world-renowned building. It is the milestone of Shanghai-style architecture development.

It is the first time to use the latest configuration technology in the history of high-rise building. The entire building's vertical deviation is only 2 cm, and it could keep safe by way of anti-7 Richter Scale earthquake. Jinmao Building has 79 elevators; high-speed sightseeing elevator could carry 35 people each time with a speed of 9.1 meters per second, and only 45 seconds are taken from top of the building to the ground floor.


The 88th floor has a 1,520 square meters indoor observation deck with a capacity of more than 1,000 people. If you want to see the panoramic views of Shanghai, besides Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Building is also another option.


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