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Marshal Zhang's Mansion


Marshal Zhang's Mansion Marshal Zhang’s Mansion  (Shenyang, Liaoning Province) as Chinese historical site under the national-level protection is also official mansion as well as the family residential building of Zhang Zuoling who was the country leader of Beiyang Government and Zhang Xueliang who was the eldest son of Zhang Zuoling and Chinese great patriot. Initially established in 1914, Marshal Zhang’s Mansion covers the total area of 36,000 square meters. Marshal Zhang’s Mansion is so far the largest and best-preserved residence of historic figures in northeast area of China.

Marshal Zhang’s Mansion is a large-scale building complex consists of East Yard, Middle Yard, West Yard as well as Outer Building of the Yard. Among this mansion, there are the traditional-style Siheyuan building, south China’s elegant pavilions and gardens, euro-style big green building, Bianye Bank Building, Red Mansion Building, Small Green Building and Tower of Ms Zhao Yidi strongly featured by Sino-west architectural style. In 1991, Marshal Zhang’s Mansion was ranked the List of Chinese Modern Excellent Building Complexes. A mass of stone carvings, wooden carvings, brick carvings and fresco works highlighted with the folk custom of northeast China are in Marshal Zhang’s Mansion. The themes on these carvings or murals are widely selected. The symbolic meaning is significant, the making is elaborative and the figures or images concerned are life-like. These works are the rare treasured materials to research Chinese architectural arts and the folk custom.

In 1988, under the care of different levels of government, Marshal Zhang’s Mansion was renamed the Display on Old Residence of General Zhang Xueliang. In 2002, it was renamed again the Liaoning Provincial Museum of Modern History. In the hall, the basic exhibitions are Achievement Exhibition of General Zhang Xueliang, Exhibition of Zhang Family and Zhang Zuoling Life Experience.

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