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Lion Grove Garden

Lion Grove Garden


Lion Grove Garden
began in 1342 during China's Yuan Dynasty, by a monk Tianru and a group of Zen Buddhists as a memorial of their master and teacher Zhongfeng. The original name of the garden was "Shizi'lin Si"(The Lion Grove Temple), later called "Putizhengzong Temple" and then "The Holy Grace Temple". It was historically recorded that the site of the temple had a lot of strange stones that shaped like lions. Another story told that the Monk Tianru attained a spiritual enlightenment from the Master Zhongfeng on the Lion Rock of the Tianmushan Mountain in Zhejiang Province, so the temple acquired its name. The Lion Grove Garden had been repaired and renovated between 1917 and 1926.
Architectural Layout
The whole structure of the Lion Grove  Garden is divided into three parts, i.e. the Ancestral Temple, the Residential Houses and the Courtyards. The Ancestral Temple is initially for the Bei's family in the past. Tour the majestic temple, you may feel the silence and solemn atmosphere of it. The residential zone is represented by the Yanyu Hall which is the main architecture of the Lion Grove Garden, with high ceiling and magnificent decoration. Four small gardens are located in the back of the hall that they are filled with yulan and peony flowers of vivid color.
The trees in Lion Grove Garden are mainly the hardwoods and some evergreen plants, with various kinds of bamboo, bine and grasses as decorations. The making of the plants is like painting a picture. Gardeners introduced flowers which have good colors and charming fragrances, so the plantation is great scenery for your tour in the garden.



Lion Grove Garden


The Suzhou Gardens  are being regarded as the best in the attractions of China's Yangtze Delta region, and the Lion Grove Garden is the greatest example among its kind in Suzhou. This garden is famous in its rockworks and labyrinth-like paths and corridors. The rockworks, called "false hills" in Chinese, are the biggest scale left in China today. These works in the Lion Grove Garden are nowhere can match in their historic and artistic values. These "hills", undulate in shape with peaks among them, some beautiful, but some others are quite sinister in looking.


The water in the Lion Grove Garden means the big pools with elegant pavilions stand in the middle, with bridges linked to the land, thus give you the impression that the small lakes are divided into parts. By tour the garden, you can hear the pretty sound of the flowing water, because the gardeners in the past have done some good work in water management. They lead the water flows from the rockworks in the west of the garden, it passes the winding, up and down path, and than descend like a waterfall.

The Scenic Garden

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