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How to explore Taiwan Top Ten Natural Attractions


No.1. Sun Moon Lake日月潭

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’ most famous natural marvel. It spans over 100 sq km, with a circumference of 33km. Its northern part takes after a sun, while its southern part resembles a moon,hence the name. It is hemmed in by lush forest. To sample its tranquil and soothing beauty, one can go boating.
sun moon lake taiwan mapsun moon lake taiwan map 

Map of Sun Moon Lake (click to enlarge)

sun moon lake

Sun Moon Lake


No.2. Ali Forest阿里山


“One, two, three, let us go to Ali Forest.” 72km, and 4 hours’ train ride away from Jiayi lies Ali Forest, a kingdom of forest, valleys, waterfalls and wildlife. Ali Forest captures the imagination for its wild blossoms during spring, sunrise, sunset, evening glow, a sea of clouds and quaint trains. Add to this is the aboriginal called Zhou people, whose lifestyle, food,festivals and customs are pleasantly odd and unique.
 ali mountain
 Ali Mountain's Cherry Blossom (click to enlarge)
 Ali Mountain's Cherry Blossom (click to enlarge)
Ali Mountain's Temples
 Ali Mountain's Cherry Blossom (click to enlarge)
Ali Mountain's giant trees
 Ali Mountain's Cherry Blossom (click to enlarge)

Ali Mountain's giant trees have beautiful love stories

Ali Mountain's giant trees

Ali Mountain during spring
broad walkway of ali mountain

Ali Mountain

map of ali mountian

Map of Ali Mountain (click to enlarge)

No.3. Penghu Lake澎湖湾


Penghu Lake is popularized by its namesake song. Sun bathed beaches, whispering wind, waves, cactus, the old capital and the gramma’s bay mentioned in the lyrics evokes our nostalgic feelings. Penghu Lake echoes mainland China’s Xiamen to the west. It is composed of a string of over 90 islands and peninsulas. Penghu Lake is also the only county composed entirely of islands. It is mainly populated by the Quanzhounese(a southeast coastal city around 2 hours’ drive from Xiamen)

No.4. Green Island (绿岛)


Green Island is the brightest pearl embedded in the crown of eastern Taiwan. It measures 4km long and 3km wide, spanning around 16sq km. Green Island is the 4th largest island of Taiwan. Three villages prosper in Green Island, 80% of the permanent residents( around 2000 people) live on fishing. During the past, Green Island was used to kept prisoners. Nowadays, it morphs into a key Taiwan attractions and a paradise for divers.

Map of Green Island (click to enlarge)

green island map

No.5 Taroko National Park太鲁阁大峡谷


Taroko National Park is heralded as “ Little Three Gorges” due to its 20km-long Taroko Grand Valley’s dramatic terrain. Flanking the winding and deep valleys are soaring, forested peaks. There are mountain trails to hike, caves to explore, ethnic lifestyle to experience and temples to marvel at.
Map of Taroko National Park (click to enlarge)
taroko national park map

No.6. Cape Eluanbi鹅銮鼻


Cape Eluanbi lies in the southernmost tip of Taiwan. Taiwan’s central mountain ranges cascade into the sea at this point. This peninsula is surrounded by sea on three sides. It is the watershed of the Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Bay, a must-stop for all ships. No wonder Cape Eluanbi is compared as Cape of Good Hope. Eluanbi Pake studded with limestone formations and coral reefs, well worth 1 to 2 hours’ stopover. Eluanbi Lighthouse, built in 1882, is an iconic sight to be behold. This white, circular lighthouse towers at 18m high and its base’s circumference measures18m. It offers splendid panorama. The intensity of its light wins it the nickname as “Light of Asia.”
cape eluanbi map

Cap Eluanbi Map

cape eluanbi map

Cape Eluanbi Map

No.7. Yangmingshan National Park阳明山公园


Nature and culture mingle at Yangmingshan National Park, which offers something for everyone any time during a year. Late Feb to early Apr sees Yangmingshan National Park brim with colors and scents: its valleys and slopes are blanketed with dazzling cherry blossoms. Not to be outdone, alocasia come into full blossom later. Their white petals contrast sharply with green leaves and their intoxicating aroma perfume the air instantly.

Yangmingshan National Park’s forests, valleys, hot springs, waterfalls can effectively refresh and rejuvenate you. Amid the forests, builds of the rich and famous such as Sun Yat-sen dot. Traversing its scenic trails, soak into hot spring, enjoy local delicacies and enjoy a panorama from the peak are highlights.
yangmingshan national park map

Map of Yangmingshan National Park(click to enlarge)

No.8. Yeliu Geopark


Yeliu Geopark is a fantastic fairyland of stone formations created by the hands of Nature and an epic open air museum of sea-erosion landform. Queen’s Head, which is 4000 years old, is the signature sight.
 yeliu pak taiwan map

Map of Yeliu Geopark (click to enlarge)

No.9. Yilan Guishan Island龟山岛


If you want to start a trip incorporating stunning island view, sea food, and sea animal performance, Guishan Island fits the bill. Guishan Island lies 12km from Yilan County of Taiwan. It is a pearl of the surging West Pacific Ocean. Guishan Island is interspersed with two cone-shaped volcanic peaks, which resemble the head and tail of a turtle. Hence the name, Guishan(Turtle Mountain)Island. Apr to Aug is the best time to see the dolphin performances.
guishan island map

Map of Guishan Island (click to enlarge)

guishan island taiwan

How to explore Guishan Island

guishan island

No.10. Shitiping石梯坪


Shitiping is where Hualian County meets the sea. As the rocks cascade into the sea, a chain of sea erosion formations are formed. Above these stark, oddly-shaped rock formations grow a huge variety of plants. Visitors come to see the dramatic landscape against the surging Pacific Ocean. The bay nearby is an ideal place to fish, watching whales, picnic, diving, sightseeing and eat lobsters.
shitiping taiwan
shitiping taiwan
shitiping taiwan
Shitiping,Taiwna (click to enlarge)
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