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Independence Square

Independence Square, Tashkent The Independent Square (Mustakillik) is the largest one in Uzbekistan and the administrative headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers and Senate are located here. In recent years, the massive, new constructions done by the side of the place have changed its appearance, however, the square has still been a symbol of independence and liberty, Islamic worship, and the hope of generations.

The entrance to the Mustakillik is through the Arch of Good and Noble Aspirations decorated with of stork flying sculptures atop. The square has two sightseeing spots: the Independence and the Happy Mother. Built in 1991, the Monument of Independence marks the resumed sovereignty of the Republic of Uzbekistan, consists of a giant golden globe with the contour of country's territorial borders.

The Happy Mother Monument was built in 2006 by sculptor Ilhomom Kamolom Dzhabbarovymi, it symbolizes a mother and a child. The height of the Happy Mother and length of the Child are 6 and 3.5 meters respectively. The mother represents the image of an ordinary Uzbek woman with a kind and happy heart and smiling lovingly. Her optimism to the bright future of her homeland is demonstrated by her loving care to the child who is held in her arm. The little boy justly symbolizes the birth of the young independent nation, and her mother will make every effort to nurture and raise him well.

The Independent Square also memorizes the one million soldiers who would never return in the World War II. The eternal flame accompanies the mother figures whose children had lost their lives in battles, and the deceased soldier names are inscribed in gold in a memorial book. During holidays many people from around Uzbekistan come here to remember their loved ones.
Independence Square, Tashkent Independence Square, Tashkent
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