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Khast Imam Square

A madrasah located in the Khast Imam Square Complex called Mui Mubarak (Holy Hair). One of the oldest full hand copied Korans in the world, the "Osman Koran", was come from the 3rd Kalif (Islamic leader) Osman in Tashkent. After the death of Prophet Mohammad, no Koran was available here, therefore Osman managed to hand write a copy. The holy bible of Islam was completed in 651 AD, just 19 years after the great Prophet's death.

The Holy Book had traveled a lot before it came back to Tashkent in 1924. It was brought to Baghdad, and since the 11th century, it had been in Samarkand. In the 19th century, the Russian government moved the Koran to St. Petersburg. Today the Arabic Holy Koran has one-third of the 250 pages left. One of the pages has the blood of the writer Osman, who was attacked by the non-Muslim activists while he was reading the Koran.
Khast Imam Square, Tashkent

The Khast Imam Square has a group of religious buildings dated back to about the 16th century is dedicated center for Muslim in Uzbekistan. The Barak Khan Madrassah located in the west of the square has blue mosaic and inscriptions from the Koran. The madrasah is the center for the mufti (another kind of Islamic leader) in Uzbekistan, it is not allowed to be visited with the exception of prior application.
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