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Kukeldash Madrassah

Tashkent Kukeldash Madrassah The Kukeldash Madrasah, located in the Chorsu Square, is one of the few best preserved architectural monuments in Tashkent. It has been the largest Islamic theological college in the Central Asian city and among the leaders of Muslim educational institution in the region. In ancient times, the Chorsu Square was the crossroads for trade caravans traveling on the Silk Road, embraced by businesses and craftsmen. King's decrees were announced and the town's citizens exchanged news fast, and caravanserais (the old guesthouses for caravans) and bathhouses were built near the Friday Mosque. The caravans would go to Samarkand, the Chagatay Steppes, and Kashgar and so on, which these names are used for nearby streets and communities. Today, the madrassah is served as mosque with an elementary school taught the basic knowledge of Islam. 

Tashkent Kukeldash Madrassah The Kukeldash Madrassah was built in the late 16th century by influential vizier (leading cadre) Kulbobo Kukeldash. Builders were required to construct the establishment on a high hill which served as a firm foundation for it. It was made from baked bricks and partly decorated ceramic-like patterns. The splendid star pattern seen at the high entrance portal that is arched with a lancet niche built, and the façade has two levels of aesthetic corridor. The large minarets with silvery domes have made the madrassah a perfect piece of architecture.

The winding passage takes you to the courtyard, surrounded by galleries and dormitories. The portals of the terraces are almost the same sizes to that of the entrance. There is a lecture hall by the left side of the entrance and a mosque is on the right side.

The madrassah has still been regarded as a high building in this part of Tashkent that the only taller ones are the Chorsu Hotel and the large trading complex built on the hill.
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