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Museum of Applied Arts

Tashkent Museum of Applied ArtsAn exhibition held in 1927 of the masterworks created by Uzbek artists had led to a permanent demonstration, which had been known as the Exhibition of Applied Art of Uzbekistan since 1960, and renamed as the State Museum of Applied Art. The Museum of Applied Arts was founded in 1937, displaying the traditional arts in hand-made embroidery, jewelry, and carpet. The Museum of Applied Art now does not have adequate space to exhibit the 7,000-odd rare-to-see art relics, which are being kept in the depot; therefore, the collections we see at the moment are parts of them.

Today invaluable items created by great masters from the 19th century to the present days are collected in the museum depository, which can be divided into three groups. First, the applied artworks which were created based on ancient traditions reflecting the originality of different regions. The second group comprises items made with pretty ornamental patterns that had been created since the 1950s, completed by Tashkent Museum of Applied Arts masters adopting traditional methods. The third includes the applied artworks that meet contemporary artistic requirements decorated by multi-colored patterns.

I. A. Karimov, President of Uzbekistan, once said, "We recognize a nation not by its name, but recognize a nation by its culture, spirituality, and by taking a deep look at the roots of its history." And Uzbek people are famous for their applied arts, such as old jewelry, folk carving, coining, ceramics, carpet, sericulture and embroidery; so that you will be met by the artistic miracles created by man.

Address: Rakatboshi Street, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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