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Barkhor Street


Barkhor Street (Chinese: 八廓街 or 八角街),is an essential tourist attraction in Tibet tour which is located in the center of Lhasa's old quarter.Being a famous and ideal street  for shopping and sightseeing with best preserved old scenes of the city's distant past, it attracts many tourists.
barkhor street

A glance of Barkhor Street in Lhasa

Barkhor is a circular street forming a hexagonal shape by itself. The majestic Jokhang Temple is located at the center of the hexagon. In the past, Tibetan Buddhists liked to worship the Sakyamuni Buddha who sit in the temple by walking around it. Today it is still the main route for Buddhists' turning scriptures journey. Barkhor Street has the same age as the Jokhang Temple. 


barkhor street

The one-kilometer-long street's path is deep, silent along with Tibetan style architecture that filled the air with profound ancient culture. About 6,000 people are now living along Barkhor Street. Business is quite busy here and tourists at home and abroad are curiously searching exotic stuffs, such as ghee butter, Tibetan cheese, qingke wheat wine, antiques, Tibetan quilt, shoes, Tibetan knife and old Tibetan coins during the day. Most of the businessmen here are Tibetans with some Han Chinese, Hui Muslim People, Indians and Nepalese. 


barkhor street


Highlights of Barkhor
Barkhor is a very important kora (pilgrim circuit) that proceed clockwise around the periphery of the Jokhang Temple. When approaching the certain time at dusk, those Tibetan people who do not know each other will gather here, some are from pasturing area in the north of Tibet who are wearing white robes, some are from Khampa, some are locals, but all of them will walk along the Barkhor in clockwise very consciously and strictly. 
the barkhor street in Lhasa, Tibetthe barkhor street in Lhasa, Tibet

pilgrims walk in clockwise

Makye Ame Pub on the Barkhor

Makye Ame Pub is a must see place in Barkhor. Most architectures along the Barkhor are white, but only a two-storey building in the southeast corner of the Barkhor is yellow. This is the secret palace of Dalai Lama VI Tsangyang Gyatso who is not only a great religious leader but also a romantic poet in Tibetan history. It is said that Dalai Lama VI met his dream girl right here. Now, this is a popular pub with an art taste. Paintings, photos and handicrafts are hanging on the walls and original edition books written by Kafka and Eliot can be found on the bookshelf.
barkhor street

Foreign travelers are shopping on the Barkhor

Intoxicating Tibetan music accompanies as the night falls and the walkers' paces are getting slower. The shops are serving customers still at night. Some of the business owners on Barkhor Street are calling aloud to catch travelers' attention.
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