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Rongbuk Monastery


Located at the foot of Mountain Qomolangma(Mt.Everest), Rongbuk Monastery(绒布寺Róngbù Sì) is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Ningma sect. Meanwhile, it is a very particular monastery that both monks and nuns live in this temple.

rongbuk monastery

Rongbuk Monastery at the foot of Mt. Everest

White Pagoda is a simbol of Tibetan Buddhist Monastery


Rongbuk Monastery  is 5154 meters above sea level, which making it the highest temple in the world. Because it is only 20 km way from the north side Everest Base Camp, it’s really an ideal place for mountaineers and visitors to appreciate the beauty of the Mt. Everest. Taking a view from its north side, Mount Qomolangma looks like a lofty pyramid surrounded by hills high into the clouds. When the weather is clear to see the white clouds on top of the mountain, it seems a white flag flying over Mount Qomolangma, which is known as one of the world’s wonders. 

Why Tibetans built a monastery in such a high-altitude place?It is said that the temple is built so high because the quite environment there is very suitable for taking a rest. It has two buildings, the new one (built in 1902) is 3 km north of the old one, which is near Mount Everest. The temple was once very large, part of it was even in the area of Nepal. However it was destroyed for historical reasons. In 1983 it experienced a thorough recovery and the walls are covered with mural paintings that really worth appreciation. And now there are 8 subordinate temples and one nunnery surrounding the main temple. People can have a great view of Mount Qomolangma from its south side. In the past, the temple was the regular gathering place for teaching. It is the destination of special Buddhist pilgrimages, the place welcomes spectators from as far as Nepal and Mongolia coming here to take part in the annual ceremonies held here.





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