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Urumqi Nanshan Pasture

Situated 70km from downtown Urumqi, Nanshan Pasture has the lure of rolling grasslands, snow-capped peaks, exuberant forests, waterfall, heads of cattle and horses, eye-dazzling wild blossoms, nomadic lifestyle and interesting activities.

A journey to this pasture will turn out to be a most romantic and relaxing experience. Since the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Nanshan Pasture has become a famous royal summer resort and hunting ground, while in the Qing Dynasty, it has morphed into a key famous pasture and granary in Northwest China.

The elevation of Nanshan Pasture ranges from 1,600m to 2,000m. Summer is fleeting and winter is lengthy. For half of the year, this place is enveloped by snow. When summer sets in, watch the grassland becomes into a riot of color, scents and activities. With the green grassland interwoven with rainbow-hued wild flowers, the dense forests nearby infested with wildlife such as snow leopard, goat and bear, and the nomadic Kazakhs staging activities such as horse racing, Nanshan Pasture will impress you visually and spiritually.

What is fun

Ski in Tianshan Tianchi International Ski Resort

Watch ethnic performances such as Diaoyang(A traditional sport of the Uyghur people, during which participants will fight for a sheep on horseback, those who gets the sheep first will be the winner. ) and Guniangzhui(Uyghur Courtesy Game).

Admission: 15RMB
urumqi nanshan pastureurumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pastureurumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pasture
urumqi nanshan pasture
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