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Yili Apricot Valley

Located in Tuergen Township, Xinyuan County, Yili Apricot Valley (Xinghuagou杏花沟) is a lesser-known yet extremely beautiful valley featuring clumps of wild apricot trees. Spanning over 2000 hectares, it is the biggest apricot forest in Xinjiang and their history can be traced back to the medieval age. From early April to May, they will blossom large and vividly in hues of pink, white and red, which is very photogenic. To capture their surreal and dreamy beauty, you had better plan ahead, for the apricot blossom will last for 7 days.

Best Time to go: apricot trees will come into blossom since early April. April 20 will see them come into full blossom and last for one week. Temperature during this period is around 7 to 8 degrees. Besides, it rains a lot in April. Hence, warm coat and rain gear are necessities. If you want to camp outside, bring an anti-water one.

Photography tips

This antler-shaped valley runs on a north-south axis. One or two hours after sunset is the best time to capture the sublime beauty of layers of apricot trees dotted along the undulating slopes. If you can only make it during June, do not feel disappointed, for it is time to enjoy the delicious apricot fruits.
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
yili apricot valley
Author: Sophia   Posted on July 15, 2013
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