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Wuyishan Mountain| World Heritage in China



Wuyishan mountain Wuyishan Mountain as the fourth world cultural and natural heritage in China is highlighted in the aspects of ecology, landscape, historical and cultural sites.

Wuyishan Mountain is located in the south of Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, with an total area of 70 square kilometers; the area has what is probably the largest, most typical and best-preserved humid subtropical forest all around the world. It was nominated to be a biosphere reserve of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program in 1987, and crowned to be the cultural and natural heriages in the world. By the way, it is the fourth mountain gets this honorary award.

The cliffs and waters of Wuyishan are outstanding. The workings of Nature of a typical Danxia landform have left behind 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 prominent rocks and 108 scenic spots. The Stream with Nine Turnings is emerald green and crystal clear. The beauty of the mountain and its waters has made Wuyi known as "the most attractive mountain in southeast China".

Evergreen broad-leaf forest is dispatched or distributed in the east continental coastal area of subtropical zone. According to the distribution of zone, evergreen broad-leaf forest could be divided into Asia evergreen broad-leaf forest, America evergreen broad leaf forest, Africa evergreen broad leaf forest and Oceania evergreen broad leaf forest. In China, evergreen broad leaf forest is planted most widely. Besides, the subtropical evergreen forest occupies three fourths of the total area of Chinese evergreen broad leaf forest. The plant species covers the typical plants such as Fagaceae、Lauraceae Theaceae、MagnoLiaceae、Hamamelidaceae, Elaeocarpaceae. Wuyishan Mountain is the typical representative of the evergreen broad leaf forest. Besides, the evergreen broad leaf forest in Wuyishan Mountain is the most typical in China for its Asia subtropical evergreen broad leaf forest. It has the richest species and has the best preserved forest ecological system.

Comparison with the landscape of the other world heritages in China, the magnificence of Huangshan Mountain, elegance of Emei Mountain, oldness of Mountain Taishan. These heritages all have the landscapes of mountains, or have mountains except water, or water but boating is unavailable, or have the long history and culture but lack of landscape, or have landscape but lack of history and culture. Mountain Wuyishan integrates mountains, rivers and the grand landscapes. The strangeness, elegance, beauty and oldness are all shown in Wuyishan Mountain area. It is also rich in culture and history.

Comparison with the same historical and cultural relics, there are dozens of hanging coffins in the Yangtze River drainage area and Southeast Asia area. The boat coffins in Wuyishan Mountain are the oldest one. The relics from the ancient town of Mingyue kingdom own the largest flowerage air brick, the longest iron spearhead, the heaviest iron plough, the earliest iron harpoon and the earliest luxurious plunge bath. All of these respectively represent the top-level civilization of China at that time in this area.

In Chinese cultural history, Wuyishan Mountain and Taishan Mountain respectively have their own characteristics. Taishan Mountain nurtured Confucius, who founded Confucianism and built up the ideological and spiritual foundation of China. While Wuyishan Mountain cultivated Zhu Xi, who was a great neo-Confucian, and he summarized Confucius’s thought system and innovated it. Its thought system became the overwhelming thought in the later period of Chinese Feudalistic period. In Confucian History, they are both the greatest masters respectively in foundation and innovation.


Wuyishan is also known for being of great historic and cultural value. Cultural relics include the extensive remains of an ancient city of the Min Yue people, dating back over 2,000 years, the Ziyang Academy of Classical Learning, the tomb of Zhu Xi, cliffside sculptures, etc. Zhu Xi, a philosopher of the Southern Song Dynasty, taught for 40 years at Wuyishan and made it an academic center of southeast China.


Wuyishan mountain

Cultural Heritage

In the angle of historical and scientific aspect, Wuyishan Mountain has the highlighted and universal value not only offering the evidence for elapsed ancient civilization and traditional culture but also have a linkage with ideological civilization of neo-Confucianism. The most ancient scene on Wuyishan is the stone slabs and boat-shaped rocks over deep gullies, a prestigious natural wonder. Viewed from above the water, two stone boats stand on several crisscross slabs on the top of the cliff. The boats are about 6 meters in length, and in rhombic form, just like those said to be used by the immortals. Huge rocks, deep caves and pools are three special sights of the Dazang Peak.

Natural Heritage

Wuyishan Mountain has the residence that represents the process of evolution as well as the interaction of human and natural environment. Wuyishan Mountain is the habitat of those rare species or animals in a severe danger. It is the important zone for global reserve of animal and plant diversity. It has the rich plant resources. It has the gene bank of rare wild animal. It is the famous base of model sample production in the world.

Wuyishan Mountain The Wuyi Mountain Range, usually called Greater Wuyishan, straddles the border of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, stretching over 500 kilometers. The average height of the peaks is over 1,000 meters above sea level.The most beautiful part is the Small Wuyishan scenic area in the territory, 15 kilometers southwest of the Chong’an County seat, Fujian Province. Thanks to its unique mountainous form and landform, it is prefered by many tourists. It is surrounded by streams and valleys, and has no direct link with neighboring mountains. The special Danxia landform features include the Stream with Nine Turnings, 36 peaks, 72 caves and 99 rocks. The distinctive views of monoliths of red sandstone surrounded by emerald green water inspire the imagination. As the worsening of ecological environment and the risky deforestation, in the world it is hard to find a best-preserved wild area with the original and rare species, wild animals and plants. Wuyishan Mountain is an extraordinary example to give such a great chance for people to experience such a fantastic natural and rare world. coming to this area, you can understand the reason why so many ancient celebrities and famous taoists or religionists choose this mountain to be their holyland. Commonly, China's environment has been deadly polluted, but Wuyishan Mountain will be a good example to show you the current situation of Chinese environmental protection.

When you are enjoying the natural beauty and cultural attraction, you also find China is changing with the environmental beautification. Wuyishan Mountain as the typical example of China’s natural and cultural base, it is deserved to be one of the world cultural and natural heritages.



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