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City Wall

Xi'an city wall is in the central area of Xi'an, it’s in rectangular shape with 12 meters high wall, 18 meters wide at the bottom and 15 meters width on the top. The total circumference is 13.74 km. It surrounds an area of 11.32 square kilometers within the city walls.
Xi'an city wall was built in Ming dynasty Hongwu seven to eleven years (1374-1378) on the basis of the Imperial City in the Sui and Tang, completely according to the "defense" strategy system. The wall thickness is larger than height, very steady, on the top it can run vehicle and hold exercising. The city wall has 600 years history. It’s one of the greatest wall constructions in China, and the most complete wall construction in China.
City wall are built for defense outer invade and self protect. Xian city wall is strong defensive wall; the moat outside the wall is the first defense. There are bridges on the moat; they are the only passages of the city. The bridges are rolled down at daytime for people entering or exiting. At night, the bridges are lifted up, the city is shut. There are inter houses outside the gate, it’s used for timekeeping and alarm. They are the second defense. The 30 meters high arrow tower is straight, many holes on the wall for arrow shooting. This is the third defense. Between the arrow tower and the main tower, there is a place called Wengcheng. The area is 9348 square meter. If the enemies come in, they would be trapped in the Wengcheng, with arrow tower and main tower surrounded. This is the forth defense. And the fifth also last defense is the main gate. That would be extremely hard for people to break five defenses.
The magnificent and marvelous city wall is now one of the most attractive sites in Xian. Around the wall, the Huancheng Park has been finished. The park is also many local folks’ exercising place. The city wall adds solemn quality to the city, also makes the city livelier.

Address: Downtown area Xian, Shaanxi Province
Ticket: 54 RMB
Open hour: spring and summer: 8:00~22:00;fall and winter:8:00~19:00

The city wall now has 19 climbing spots, you can choose either which is convenient for you.
Riding bicycle on the wall is also something worth trying. Single bike is 45 RMB, double bike is 90 RMB, and deposit is 200 RMB.
Author:Will    Posted on July 1, 2014
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