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Must Eat Snacks in Xian

Xian, being the capital city for many dynasties, is also a paradise for food. Now I am going to talk about the must eat snacks in Xian. 
1. Beef or Lamb Soup with Shredded Chinese Bread (Niu Yang Rou Pao Mo)
Ingredients: Beef or Lamb & Chinese bread 
Beef or Lamb Soup with Shredded Chinese Bread is a famous local snack in Xian. It is famous for its mellow taste, thick soup, and well-done meat. The food is said to nourish the stomach. When cooking the dish, you should make sure the soup is clear and the meat, either beef or lamb, is well-done. How to cook the soup, of course, is the most important. But such a skill is often kept as a commercial secret by those who are living on it. The snack is very popular among the locals. You can easily find a restaurant to taste it. But the most notable restaurants are Laosunjia Restaurant (老孙家饭庄) at No.78, Dongguanzheng Street, the Forest of Stele District, Xian and Tongshengxiang (同盛祥) at the Bell and drum Square, the Forest of Stele District, Xian. It can also be bought in supermarkets, where it is packed in bags and can be taken home very easily. 
2. Chinese Hamburger (Rou Jia Mo)  
Ingredients: Baiji Mo (a sort of Chinese bread) & Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce
Chinese Hamburger is quite popular in the northwest of China. It has many kinds. The most well-known are braised meat in preserved sauce burger in Shaanxi province and lamb burger in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The former one was invented by Fan Fengxiang and his son. After years of development, besides the brand Fanji, many different brands or shops have sprung up in Xian. You can taste Fanji Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce Rou Jia Mo in the following branches: Zubashi Branch Shop of Fanji Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce Shop (樊记腊汁肉竹笆市店) at No.53, Zubashi Street, the Forest of Stele District, Xian and Luomashi Branch Shop of Fanji Braised Meat in Preserved Sauce Shop (樊记腊汁肉骡马市店)at Luomashi Street, the Forest of Stele District, Xian. 
3. Cold Noodles (Liang Pi)
Ingredients: wheat or rice flour
Cold noodles are so popular in Xian that you can see them everywhere. They are sorted into different kinds including cold rice noodles, cold wheat noodles, and Gan Mian Pi, etc. Cold rice noodles and cold wheat noodles are different in materials. As their names suggest, cold rice noodles are made from rice flour and cold wheat noodles are made from wheat flour. But their taste is similar to each other. It is hard to distinguish one from the other. And Gan Mian Pi is a bit chewy. Its making process is also more sophisticated. Personally I prefer Gan Mian Pi because it tastes more delicious. Cold noodles taste salty, sour and chili. And you’d better tell the waiters or waitress how much pepper you prefer or you may find it is too hot for you. Cold noodles are often eaten in hot summer. They help to beat the heat. Cold noodles are the commonest snack in Xian and you may see it everywhere. The best restaurants for them are Weijia Cold Noodles (魏家凉皮) at the first floor of Xue Lin Ya Yuan, Da Xue Nan Lu, the Forests of Stele District, Xian and Zhu Xuanmin Qinzhen Cold Noodles (朱选民秦镇米皮) at Xi Mu Tou Shi, the South Avenue, the Forests of Stele District, Xian.
4. Persimmon Pie (Shi Zi Bing)
Ingredients: Persimmon, Huang Gui, rose, walnut meat, white sugar, rock candy, etc.
Persimmon Pie is a special cuisine which you can hardly see in other places. It consists of the coating which is made from persimmon and flour, and the stuffing which may be Huang Gui or rose or walnut meat. The persimmon used in making Persimmon Pie is a special type from Lintong, which is called Fire and Crystal Persimmon. The persimmon looks as red as fire when it is ripe, and its skin is as smooth and clean as crystal. That’s why it is called Fire and Crystal Persimmon. The fruit is oblate, small, and stoneless. Persimmon Pie tastes sweet and extremely savory. When you take the first bite, you will taste the sweetness and creaminess of the persimmon. Although it is not greasy, it appears to be too sweet sometimes, for some shops add too much sugar into the pies. The shops for Persimmon Pie are mainly located on the famous Muslim Street. It is also lined with many other food stalls. You simply go through the arch gate of the Drum Tower and you will find the street is just behind the tower. Go down the street, you will find many shops selling Persimmon Pie. 
5. Chili Soup with Meat Balls (Rou Wan Hu La Tang)
Ingredients: Meat balls, kelp, silk-noodle, pignut, caraway, carrot, etc.
Chili Soup with Meat Balls is a wonderful breakfast for the locals. It is thick and very appetizing. It is also called Eight Dainties Soup, which means that it contains varieties of ingredients. When eating the soup, you may add some vinegar into it, which will make the soup tastier. Besides, local people often eat the soup with another special food, which is called Toufu Nao. The two make the perfect match. The soup can be tastes on Muslim Street.
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