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If you are traveling in China, it is the halfway on your trip to Tibet. The city's sunlight is so bright, which will pierce your skin to some extent, even during cool weather. Suntan oil is a must for a Xining tour. Although the inhuman ultraviolet rays are so strong, the beautiful blue sky is very attractive to your eyes. The ultimate fairness of this color will arouse your desire of staying here with no thought of leaving. The fragrance of grill mutton can be smelt all over the streets in Xining. Mutton dishes are so popular in this western China's city. Mo, a kind of tough bread eaten with meat and vegetable dishes, is a staple food in the northwestern region of China. Mo and mutton are the main delicacies on the serving tables in night markets of Xining city. It is said that when a traveler has left Xining, the fragrance of mo and mutton will be sent into his taste buds, so he will only remember the grill mutton taste of Xining.
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Cycling and Bird-watching Tour Along the Qinghai Lake
Cycling and Bird-watching Tour Along the Qinghai Lake
From US$ 597 p/p
Cycling on the highest International race track in the world, an exciting experience yet a great challenge to yourself. If it’s July, you will ...

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